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Derek and Bailey are in surgery together, and Derek wants to set up a play date between Zola and Tuck. Bailey reminds him that Tuck is 5, and "play" for him means throwing things, so that all might not be a good idea. She suggests finding someone in the daycare closer to Zola's age. Derek them fumbles and bumbles his way around saying that he would like Zola to have some black friends. Well because it's important for everyone to have black friends! Bailey gives him a look and that's all of it.

Back in the Bummer ICU. Morgan is trying to make the case to Chris that they should support more aggressive treatment, but he says it would just do more harm than good. He wants her to admit what they're "both" thinking -- that they got pregnant by accident, that the baby should not be alive, that the chances are miniscule that the kid will have any kind of life worth living, and that all these efforts to save him are just to make themselves feel better when he dies. She tells him to go. He starts to protest that she can't make decisions for the both of them, but without much anger, she just tells him: "I'm not cutting you out. I'm giving you an out." She's giving him the chance to walk, because deep down, they both know he wants to.

Callie, Cristina, Meredith, and Teddy are in surgery together, working on Devin. Mere and Cristina gossip about how Dreamboat Angie has no idea who he is, and isn't that sad. Owen shows up and gets repeated cold-shoulders from Teddy when he asks for a progress report. Callie does her best to play matchmaker, mentioning that Teddy got her grant, but when Owen tries to engage her, Teddy bitchily shuts him down. He finally goes to help her close up her portion of the patient, but she snaps and yells at him to back the hell off. Everybody notices that the Chief got yelled at like he was a fourth grader. It's a bad scene. If feels like every time I recap, they're doing something to make Teddy unnecessarily bitchy.

The less said about the scene in which Sloan tries to convince Kepner to be Avery's fuck-buddy the better. Suffice it to say, she's rightly insulted, and he's all "I'm Mark Sloan. I do this," about it.

After the surgery, Callie finds Owen. She says she knows he must've gotten Teddy the grant money, and he should tell her. It'll help things between them. He doesn't think it will (he's probably right). Callie sticks up for him, saying he's not a bad guy for what happened to Henry. Owen knows it, but he says if Teddy needs someone to be a punching bag while she gets through this, let it be him. Callie narrows her eyes and says he can be a martyr if he wants, but as the Chief? That kind of outburst in the OR can never happen again.

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