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Cristina is in with Devin, updating him on his successful surgery and the hard months of rehab to come. She's being really nice about it -- particularly nice on the sliding scale of IT'S CRISTINA -- until he starts enthusing about the barista again. This week, Cristina's triggers are people who see relationships where there are none, as well as any kind of fool just waiting around for his heart to be broken. So Devin's a lot for her to take. She tells him bluntly: Dreamboat Angie has no idea who he is. She's just being a good employee. He doesn't believe Cristina at first, but there's a certain "why would she lie?" quality to her argument. "You have to stop," she tells him/herself. "You just have to stop."

Bummer Preemie Ward. Morgan says Chris has left, so it's just her and her baby now. They're preparing to do whatever semi-risky procedure they're about to do, and Morgan refuses to leave her baby's side. Whatever this procedure is, it's making the little thing shake in a really scary way.

Cristina has summoned Owen to the on-call room. Having decided to give up the ghost on her visions of Owen having an affair, she figures the next best thing is to make sure SHE'S the one sexing up on him. So she makes a move on him without even saying anything. Of course, Owen's still back on the page where they're in therapy and yelling at each other, so he shuts her down. It's pretty devastating.

Richard returns home to find Adele at war with the home nurse. She's chasing her around the living room, throwing dishes around. "Get away from me!" Adele yells at first the nurse and then Richard. She threatens to call the police and doesn't recognize Richard at all. She says her parents will be home any minute. Richard keeps yelling "I'M YOUR HUSBAND!" at her, in hopes that she'll snap out of it. This seems medically dubious.

Alex pops outside to get some air and sees Chris. Looks like a perfect time for Alex to make himself feel better by comparing himself favorably to some other guy who did something wrong. (Again, I'm kind of sympathetic to Chris here? Sorry.) Alex gives him the update on the baby -- stable for now but they won't know anything until tomorrow -- and Chris says he had to know before he left. Alex shoots him a shitty look, prompting Chris to weakly defend himself by talking about all the people covering his shifts in Cleveland. Dude, you're scared to shit your baby is already dead even as you see him in the incubator -- that's understandable. Say that. Alex goddamn Karev doesn't deserve you having to scramble for reasons that are good enough.

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