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There's no such thing as a "little" tumor
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Previously on Bad Docs, Bad Docs, Whatchya Gonna Do?: Meredith poked a hole in some patient's heart, and that was a really bad thing to do. She also got wicked drunk and made out with McDreamy in his car, and Bailey totally caught them, which was bad, but awesomely so. And Izzie's boyfriend Hank bailed on her because she's too busy tending to the sick and wounded to lick his balls or something, so he's really bad, but what's good is that now this leaves Izzie wide open to fall in love with magical heart patients and meddle in other people's affairs.

As a big orange sun rises in the sky, Mere's voiceover says something about Benjamin Franklin sharing the secret to his success with the world. "'Never leave that til tomorrow, which you can do today'," she quotes. We then see Mere lying in bed and hitting the snooze button on her alarm clock. She grouses that Big Ben discovered electricity; you'd think we'd pay attention to what he says. Methinks Meredith's going to do some serious avoiding in this episode, don't you? Mere doesn't know why we put things off, but if she had to guess, she'd say it has a lot to do with fear.

Speaking of fear, Curious George is outside her door with two cups of coffee. He tries to balance the cups in one hand and open the door with the other, but because he's George, he fails at this miserably and drops hot coffee all over his crotch. Because putting the cups on the floor and knocking first never occurred to him. Izzie passes by, as if on cue, and snarks, "Wouldn't it be easier if you just asked her out?" Yes. Yes, Izzie, it would. But then we wouldn't get the benefit of watching Meredith sob while George tried to have sex with her, now would we?

Later that morning, George and Izzie are getting ready to leave and he's all, Mere's gonna be late! And Izzie's all, don't care! And George is all, BUT I WANT HER TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND! And Izzie's all, THEN GROW A PAIR. She tells him to ask Meredith out already because life is short and he could die before he went out on a date with Mere and that would be bad because everyone should have a chance to pork Meredith before they die. What? It's not like she's a vestal virgin or anything. George whines that he doesn't want to ask Meredith out and Izzie throws him a, "Do you really want to die a liiiiiar?" George sputters and spews that he's not lying... er, not dying... er, not LYING and shut UP already! They finally leave without Meredith.

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