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There's no such thing as a "little" tumor

Annie Get Your Tumor's OR. George and Cristina are scrubbing up for surgery. Bailey enters and asks if they've been working out. "Why?" asks Cristina. "See that large pile of tumor?" says Bailey. "You're going to be retracting it for the next fourteen hours, so I'm just saying, I hope you have strong backs." Ouch. Mere busts in and informs Derek that Mr. Levangie has agreed to the DBS. But only if they do it today. If he leaves, he won't come back. Derek looks at Burke. "Don't worry, Dr. Shepherd," he says. "It'll take hours before we get around to the spine." Heh. Derek leaves, with Burke promising to page him. Mere is about to go when she seems to think about staying to say something to Bailey. Don't do it, Mere! Too late.

"Dr. Bailey, I didn't know...that he was my boss when I met him. I didn't know." "I don't care," says Bailey. "Really?" says Mere. "Oh. Well. You sort of seemed to not be talking to me, so I..." "You see this, what's happening right here?" says Bailey. "See, this is the problem with you sleeping with my boss. Not whether or not you knew him before, but how it affects my day. And standing here talking to you about your sex life affects my day. And the longer this little fling goes on, the more favors you get over the others who are fighting tooth and nail just to make it through this program without any assistance. When those people start finding out what's going on and they don't want to work with you or talk to you or look at you and they start bitching and moaning at me, the more it affects my day. So, no, Dr. Grey. I don't care what you knew or when you knew it. Are we understood?" "Yes," gulps Mere. "Good," says Bailey. And the conversation doth endeth.

Alex and Izzie have the run of the floor because everyone else is scrubbed in somewhere. "Wanna do it in the stairwell?" asks Alex. Izzie ignores him. "I'm just sayin', you never know what could happen!" Just then, a child vomits all over him. Heh. Alex goes to change. "You are so my favorite person today," says Izzie to the child. Heh. Meanwhile, Annie's surgery seems to be going well. Burke's explaining what he's doing as he goes along and Cristina and George are holding back the massive tumor so he can do his job.

Back with Izzie, she's paying a visit to the wife of the bypass patient from earlier. She puts the patient's x-rays up on the lightbox and says that they were able to remove the fluids from her husband's chest. The woman looks at Izzie with a blank, desperate expression. Izzie realizes she just did some doctor-speak all over the poor woman and tries to gently explain that he should be going home in no time. The wife then blurts that her husband was making waffles and then boom! He was on the ground. Izzie tries to listen, but a nurse passes by and says they need a line in another room. Izzie tells him to page Karev, but he's not responding. Izzie apologizes to the wife, saying she'll be back later. At the same moment, Alex is taking off his clothes in the locker room as another intern sneaks glances at him. "Like what you see, right?" he snakes at her. She skitters off. Heh. He puts his pager in the locker while he changes and we see that his battery is dead.

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