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There's no such thing as a "little" tumor

It's time to check in with Levangie and his DBS. Brain surgery in and of itself is freaky, but DBS is downright otherworldly. Talking to a patient while you're actually inside their brain? Fucked up, man. Fucked up. Levangie's doing just fine, though, and he even asks after "blondie." Mere turns around and says that she's right here, can't he see her? "I'm shaky," he quips, "I'm not blind." One of the doctors explains that they just have to, gulp, drill a hole and find the spot that controls the motor function. Gah. Levangie states that Mere can't see his brain from there; isn't she supposed to be learning something? "I'm good, right here," she says, taking his shaking hands. Derek tells him to relax and concentrate on the pretty girl. And then his drill starts whirring and I pass out.

Izzie's running ragged on the floor because apparently she's the only doctor in existence in the whole Seattle area and every patient needs attending to RIGHT NOW. Also? Alex's pager still isn't working and now he's just hanging out in the tumor OR, watching the progress jealously. Check your fucking pager, Alex. Do. Your. Job. You're not on vacation here, boy-o. Down in the OR, Burke and Bailey are discussing the thickness of an artery. It's feeding on all of Annie's blood. A nurse says that they need more O-negative. It doesn't look good for Annie. Especially when George almost drops the tumor because he has an itch. Nice, George.

Back with Levangie, a nurse is trying to get him to mimic her hand motions, one hand touching the other. He can't do it, and he's getting really frustrated. Mere tries to encourage him as the nurse asks him to make the hand motion again. The probe is almost in. His hands continue to shake until...slowly, they stop. And then he makes the hand motion over and over again with no problem. "Well, how 'bout that!" says the nurse. "I'll be a son of a bitch!" says Levangie. "Tissues! I need tissues!" says Erin. Derek and Meredith share a moment over Levangie's steady hands.

Later on, as they cart Mr. Levangie back to his room, they discuss their Bailey dilemma and how Derek can't show favoritism to Meredith in any way. "You can't ask me to scrub in when I haven't earned it," she says. "And you can't treat me like crap when I haven't earned that." Derek agrees. "I got myself into this mess," she says. "And you'll...get yourself out?" he asks. "I don't...know that yet," she says. Oh for the love of -- SOMEONE MAKE A DAMN DECISION. It's only the sixth episode of the first season and I'm already dreading Season Two: The Season of Indecisiveness. Here's hoping that Season Three will be The Season of Balls-Out Decision-Making. Derek tells her she did good work today and she tells him she's sorry she called him a jackass. "You didn't," he says. "I did," she says. "Twice." He walks off. "Tell ya what, blondie," says Levangie, "if you don't marry him, I will." Heh.

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