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There's no such thing as a "little" tumor

Approaching the official "late" hour, Meredith pulls into her parking space, only to be greeted by McDreamy, who's pulled in right next to her. "Crap!" shouts Meredith. "Crap!" returns McDreamy. Is this some sort of secret doctor greeting I'm not aware of? I wonder what would happen if tomorrow I walked into my office and greeted everyone with "Fuckmonkey!" instead of "Hello." Hm. I'll try it and report my results at a later date. Meredith scrambles toward the hospital, claiming that she's late and McDreamy shouts at her that she's avoiding him. She doesn't deny it, but also -- late! He wants to talk about the car make out session and Bailey's unfortunate witnessing of it. Meredith doesn't want to talk about it because she's in too much trouble as it is and Derek's not helping matters. He says this is getting complicated and she agrees. "If I were a better man, I'd walk away," he says with a smile. Yes, Derek. Yes, you would. But then we wouldn't get the added benefit of you making love to your wife while picturing Meredith, now would we? Meredith agrees about the better man stuff and Derek asks her if she wants him to be a better man. "Yes. No. Crap. I'm late." She runs away and Derek smirks at the elevator, another intern notch in his belt.

"That was definitely worth being late," says Cristina from a supply closet somewhere as she pulls her pants up over her black undies. Burke sighs and says, "Thanks." Heh. He goes all girly on her ass and asks if they should talk about this thing that they're doing and... what are they doing, anyway? What's with all the guys on this show wanting to talk all the damn time? I've dated (far too) many guys and never ONCE was any one of them like, "Where is this relationship going? Are we just sleeping together? What do I CALL you? Are you my girlfriend?" The guys on this show are all a bunch of chicks. Cristina agrees with me because she just sighs heavily at Burke, grabs her bag and goes, "Yeah, definitely." And then walks out. Heh.

Medicine Crüe Locker Room. Cristina stumbles in and she and Meredith accuse each other of being late. Meredith worries that Bailey told everyone about her and McDreamy, but Cristina thinks she'd keep tight-lipped on that, seeing as McDreamy's her boss too. Mere asks if she can be kicked out and Cristina tells her that, no, she can't officially be kicked out; she can be banned from surgeries, made to do enemas every morning before breakfast, and carry the liposuction fat bags to the incinerator every night, but, no, she can't be kicked out. Meredith declares that she has to end the affair. Cristina tells Meredith to shut up. Heh. Amen, sister.

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