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There's no such thing as a "little" tumor

They make their way to Bailey as Cristina tells Mere, "You've got a hot doctor who likes to make you open up and say 'ahhh'. It's the American dream, stop whining about it." Ha! My love for Cristina fills a deep, cavernous well. Mere says that no good can come from sleeping with your boss. Before Cristina can retort, "Depends on the boss! Whocka whocka!" Bailey careens around the corner and tells her that she's late. "So is Meredith!" flails Cristina. Mere's voiceover tells us that, by the time the pain of not doing a thing gets worse than the fear of doing it, it can feel like you're carrying around a giant tumor. Seeing as we're closing in on a hospital room, I'd say that the aforementioned giant tumor is about to rear its ugly head.

Bailey instructs her interns that they are to maintain decorum upon entering the room. Alex rubs his hands together maniacally. The door opens and there in the bed is a woman with a tumor that is approximately the size of a VW bus. "And you thought I was speaking metaphorically," says Mere's voiceover. This woman's case is totally based on Lucica Bunghez's by the way. If you have a weak stomach, don't click that link because...damn. Thing weighed 176 pounds when it was removed. Twice as much as the woman! Gah. Oh, and for good measure, GAAAAH.

Ah, kicky double-entendre credits! How I've missed thee.

Tumor Lady is Annie Connors, a sweet-natured woman with a bit of a crush on Karev. Burke enters and Alex whispers to Annie that this is Dr. Burke and he's an awesome surgeon. He then gives the rundown to Burke and the group. Annie presented the previous evening with shortness of breath and it was discovered that she had a gargantuan tumor pressing against her diaphragm. All other vitals are strong. George looks like he's going to throw up. Or make another pass at Meredith. I can't really tell. Both expressions are remarkably similar. Burke asks Annie if she's claustrophobic, because the CT scan can get too close for comfort for some people, and Annie just gamely responds that she's been housebound for over a year, so how claustrophobic could she be? Burke says that Izzie's going to take Annie for the scan. Annie asks if someone could tell her mother where she went so she doesn't worry and would it be okay if Alex took her instead? "He's just so fun to look at!" she giggles. Aw. Alex winks at her and chides her good-naturedly. What the hell is he up to? He's not nice to normal people on a regular basis, what's causing the sudden good ship lollipop routine with Annie Get Your Tumor over here?

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