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There's no such thing as a "little" tumor

George asks Mere if she's okay and she just says, "Shepherd's a jackass." Heh. Cristina explains about the reaming out in front of Bailey. What's George's genius response? "Well...bad days are...bad. Maybe tonight, uh, if, you know, if you drink alcohol, I mean, we could, all of us, I mean, go out and drink alcohol...because of the bad day." God, he's pathetic. Cute, but pathetic. And everyone in the WORLD knows Mere loves alcohol the most, especially George, seeing as she took the tequila bottle directly FROM him at the party they just had at the damn house. Mere's beeper goes off and she leaves. There's this pause as the whole table bears witness to the mess that is George. "Dude," says Alex. And that really says it all, doesn't it? "Shut up," says George. Hee.

Shakes Levangie's Room. What? That's not mean. He's shaking and his name is Levangie. Shut up. Derek walks in and asks if Levangie's back feels okay. He says it does. Derek goes to check something on him and Mere walks in, asking if Derek paged her. He doesn't respond, instead, he asks Mr. Levangie if he's given any more thought about the other surgical options they've discussed. Levangie's pissed off that Derek's even asking about it again because he already said no. "You're already cutting into my back! All you guys ever want to do is cut!" Mere realizes what Derek's done and she just stands there, pursing her lips. Levangie's daughter tries to convince her father to listen, but he's not interested. Derek says that once the Parkinson's advances to the point of dementia he's no longer a candidate for DBS. "And when I'm no longer a candidate," says Levangie, his body convulsing with every word, "is that when you people will leave me the hell alone?" Derek takes this in stride and leaves the room, telling him to get some rest.

The daughter's not letting the subject die, though. She wants her father to have the surgery. "It's my damn life and it's my damn brain!" he shouts. "You want me to let them cut up my brain while I'm lying there awake and for what? I'll be at your wedding. I will sit in the back. Your uncle will walk you down the aisle. I know it's not perfect, but that's life. Life is messy sometimes." She shoots him a look like, no shit, dude. "I know that!" she says, leaving the room. Meredith remains and looks at Levangie. "If she knows," he says, "then what in the hell are we still talking for? Why in the hell can't she drop it?" Mere looks at him. "It is your life. But it's her life too. And you have a chance to get better here. And all she's asking you to do is try." She leaves and he seems to consider what she's said as his poor body trembles and shakes.

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