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Adoption people will tell you that it was meant to be with the baby you adopt, according to Mere's VO. We see her kissing Zola, who is in her PJ's while VO Mere muses that she likes that idea but she thinks everything else in life seems to be the result of just a random series of events. She starts to wonder all of the "What ifs" that start off a show's Weird Parallel Universe Episode that I'm convinced takes place if you leave something on the air long enough. Cristina and Owen both look miserable, both wide awake at night, in bed, as far from each other as they can get without falling off of the edge. The Chief is having an equally tragic evening as he finds a confused Adele in the kitchen and gently leads her back to bed. Callie and Arizona are much happier than that, cuddled up together, sound asleep, while Mere wonders if she'd never have found her true love if she'd chosen a different path for herself. She wonders about her upbringing; about her mom and what might have been if she hadn't gotten sick; about what her life would have been like with a good dad. She puts Zola down to bed, smiles at her sleeping, perfectly-coiffed husband, and falls asleep with all of these questions tumbling around in her head. I don't know about you, but I'm sure that if things had gone differently that would be the end of that and this show would never have reason to exist. That's totally going to be the point of this hour, right?

The next morning, Mere wakes up in the same clothes and with her hair in the same waves as the night before. Once she gets downstairs, however, she's got her hair as straight as a pin and is wearing a bubblegum-pink button-up shirt underneath a cardigan in the same shade. I'm just going to say it: she's a little long in the tooth for this whole look. I think we're supposed to find her bright and cheery and fresh but it's somehow making her skin look a little bit rough. And this is not a knock on Ellen Pompeo, who I think has been looking amazing these past couple of seasons -- better than in the entire series until now, in fact. It's just that this look is that horrible. It's like if I tried to wear something in dusty rose after growing out my bangs. The effect would be that I'd look like I had consumption. Someone had been calling her from downstairs and that someone turns out to be... Ellis. Who is alive and alert and asks Mere if she wants a ride to work or is going with her father. Just then, Richard walks up and gives his "darling" Ellis a kiss good morning, chiming in that he heard his name. So in this strange, pink, backwards Seattle -- Elttaes, if you will -- Richard and Ellis got together early enough that Mere actually calls him "Dad." As Ellis leaves she reminds them to be on time so they don't set a bad example.

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