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The gallery for Ellis' OR is chock-full of reporters wielding cameras, and as she and Alex work she asks him where he and Mere might want to have the wedding. When he tentatively says they love the idea of a destination wedding in Hawaii she laughs in his face, points out that she could never leave the hospital to do that, and then announces that she'll book a particular club for them and it will be lovely. This is a woman who has literally never once not gotten her way. Alex pathetically exclaims that will be great. She then gets a good look at the veins and as Bailey warned Alex, they are totally unusable. But this kind of thing doesn't happen to Ellis Grey -- she demands angrily if Alex knew about this and he doesn't hesitate before lying that he didn't. She then looks at her audience in the gallery before adjusting her surgical plan. With a voice that cuts like a razor, she orders someone to page Bailey.

Callie -- having not learned her lesson in this universe about keeping an eye on her residents -- is reading a magazine while Mere and Cristina snipe at each other over the patient about the best way to do the surgery. Cristina wants to do one way because it's cooler, while Mere wants to do something less invasive. Callie snaps at them to pull themselves together and finally they each ask for a blade to start.

Owen, his hand bandaged, walks up to Avery and demands where he has been; the nervous step back Avery takes before answering says that he might have been the one at the receiving end of Owen's PTSD rage before. He says that he's taking Lexille to get her pacemaker. Owen informs him that someone stole a bunch of drugs and that they did it with his ID badge; Avery looks down, finds it missing, and sprints off to Lexille's bed. When he pulls open the curtain she is of course gone, and he can only mar his pretty features with a scowl.

Once Bailey is in the OR, Ellis reads her the riot act while Bailey quietly stammers answers in return, asking if Ellis read the chart. Ellis snaps that she did but that the cart didn't say that the patient was in this bad a shape. Bailey quietly says that was why she had chosen to use the jugular in the procedure. Alex just stares intently at his work rather than at the women. Ellis is so mad she almost has cartoon steam whistling out of her ears. As Alex works he then gets hit with a spray of blood and admits he might have nicked the carotid artery -- yet another thing going wrong in front of the press. Ellis is beside herself and tells them that they are trying to kill her.

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