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Charles walks in to the locker room and tells the gang that they don't want to be the next Shepherds, after all. Meredith ignores him -- this seems to happen a lot to the poor guy -- because she's too busy indignantly recounting what Cristina pulled in the OR. Cristina then walks in just in time to hear April say she's dangerous but rather than blow up, she smiles and informs them how well her patient is now doing. Mere tells her she had no business doing what she did, and the two start to argue again about who was right, with Meredith pointing out that Callie sided with her about the technique. Man, her mom really has made her a gutless wonder who runs and hides behind what authority figures think is best. Cristina basically calls Callie Ellis' puppet, so Mere decides to get personal and tells Cristina that they'd be working under Burke if she hadn't driven him away. Everyone seems uncomfortable at this low blow but Alex looks at April, knowing it's potentially about to get a lot worse. Cristina figures if they are going to get personal, Mere should ask Alex and April what they were busy doing in his office earlier. Mere doesn't get it at first until Cristina smiles and raises her eyebrows. Mere whips around to them and Alex tries to deny it all, but April crumbles to dust and starts sobbing and apologizing. Poor Charles is disgusted that his virginal crush has turned out to be a dirty girl, while Mere is crushed that her fiancé is a dirty cheat. Cristina just smiles at Alex, reveling in her revenge.

Arizona and Callie are looking in at their patient, who is doing so awesomely he's been taken off of the transplant list. Arizona readily admits that Callie was right to use the artificial lung and gushes, "You're amazing!" I still feel nothing more coming from Arizona than friendly congratulations, but Callie stutters as she tentatively suggests that they should celebrate. Arizona agrees, and Callie is still rather aflutter when a nurse brings her kids over. Callie then says they will do it sometime, and leads her brood away. I think we're supposed to believe that both of them are feeling stirrings of Something More, but so far I really only see it from a bewildered Callie.

Mere is sobbing uncontrollably into Richard's shoulder and can barely even speak, she is so upset. Ellis walks in and announces, businesslike, that she heard what happened. Mere is momentarily stunned and seems hopeful that she might be about to receive some motherly sympathy, but that hope is quickly dashed when Ellis tells her that she should be upset and humiliated. Even Richard yelps in indignation at that suggestion. Ellis just plows ahead and as she tells Meredith that she should never let Cristina or anyone else show her up, the truth dawns that this is about the surgery, not about her personal heartbreak. Something in Meredith snaps, and she finally has a comeback for her mother, saying that she should never have been in the OR for that surgery in the first place, but that Ellis basically pushed her in there. She picks up steam as she growls that Ellis isn't upset that Meredith embarrassed herself, but rather because she embarrassed Ellis. She then storms away in a pent-up-for-too-many-years rage.

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