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It Always Ends with Tequila

Jackson is still trying to tell the girls that Lexille is gone, but in unison they tell him to shut up, and keep shocking her heart. Finally, she lets out a breath and they realize they have her back. Mere tells us via voiceover that our lives are gifts.

In celebration, the two go across the street to the bar and Cristina has no idea that two love stories are just starting: Mere and Cristina, and Mere and tequila. She shows a timid Meredith how to do a tequila shot, salt, lime and all. Mere says she's good with just the one, but we know that won't last. In a throwback to a conversation had in Seattle long ago, she then asks Mere after a moment if they are going to have to do that thing where they each say something, and someone cries, and they have A Moment. Mere is repulsed by the idea, to Cristina's relief. But then after a moment, Meredith does admit that things aren't turning out the way she thought they would, and she doesn't seem to recognize her life now. Instead of punching her for breaking their 5-second-old agreement, Cristina actually agrees with her.

Mere VOs that -- GASP -- some things will work out as if they were destined to happen. To illustrate, Mere and Cristina start affectingly insulting each other while ordering each other to get some sleep. After Cristina leaves, Meredith turns to her other side and who do you think is there drowning his sorrows? None other than Derek or, as Meredith is finally pressed to admit: McDreary. Look, that name could be appropriate in both versions of this world much of the time. But he's drunk and pathetic and charming now, and the two start to flirt; after regarding him for a moment Meredith suggests that for one (fateful, as we know) night, why doesn't he just be a guy in a bar, and she'll be a girl in a bar... who drinks tequila. He has the bartender pour her another shot and they clink a toast as Meredith finishes up that it's almost as if some things in life are meant to be.

p>Lauren S is a writer and gal-about-town who lives and works in Atlanta and who likes her tequila in margarita form. She wants everyone to know: "The views expressed in my recaps and anything else I might write on TWoP are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer."

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