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Mere walks up to talk to her mom and sees her holding court in front of the press, telling them that they will get to see her use the Grey Technique during a surgery later, which will be better than some boring interview. Mere beams with pride and then asks Ellis if she could scrub in and see the magic firsthand. But while Ellis loves the adoration of her colleagues and public, she seems to have no use for it in her daughter and thinks that if her focus is cardio (!!) she needs to be doing a cardio surgery. She brings up that Cristina is doing a solo surgery and Mere defends that it came in overnight or else she would have gotten it. With quite a bite in her voice Ellis reminds Mere that she was "busy" getting engaged instead but now that that is over, what does she want to do? You know, now that her pesky personal life is out of the way. She pointedly asks Mere if she should ask Callie to give her the surgery and Mere immediately assures her she can get Cristina's surgery all on her own, which is just what her mother was trying to have happen all along.

Alex is supposed to be doing the whipple procedure with Bailey and he goes and starts rah-rahing about how stoked she must be. She mumbles a response and finally he hears her admit that it was taken away from them. Alex calls her "Mandy" as he chides her, much to her chagrin. Apparently he has tried to coach her before to not let people walk all over her, but it seems that hasn't really stuck. However, when he finds out that Ellis is the one now doing the surgery, he changes his tune and excitedly tries to figure out how they can get on the case to assist. He asks if Mandy remembers their saying, and when she says no he asserts, "We create our own destiny." She doesn't seem to excited at the prospect.

When Lexie finally wakes up, she's dismayed to see that she's in a hospital and just had to have her heart restarted. When Jackson asks for a name she thinks he's going to turn her in, and he tells her that he just needs a way to keep her urine samples straight from everyone else's. She decides to be funny and tells him her name is "Lucille Ball." Jackson promises to get her all worked up and on her way. She then asks where she is and when she hears it is Elttaes grace, she gives a groaning, painful laugh. Hey, it's the reaction I'd probably have, though I imagine for a different reason since Elttaes Grace is supposedly the number one hospital in the country.

"Good" Shepherd, it turns out, is Addison -- it's not totally surprising given Derek's main method of communication appears to be monosyllabic grunting. April is trying to deliver a baby but things are going wrong, and Addie rushes in to help. She then calls for them to prepare for an emergency c-section, and has someone page Derek.

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