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Derek and Charles arrive at the OR in response to Addie's page and find that she's delivering a baby with a massive tumor in its neck. Charles exclaims out loud so of course the mom hears and starts to panic about not being able to see her baby. April tries to assure her that she's got an amazing team of doctors, and they hand the baby over so that they can get to work.

Bad Shepherd is looking at films when Addie arrives and he berates her for taking too long; she explains, exhausted (seemingly both from just performing emergency surgery and fighting all the time with her husband) that she had to make sure the mom didn't bleed out before she left. I'd consider that a good thing. In addition to the women having odd girly scrubs, everyone has scrub caps with a funny little puff on top and contrasting trim. It makes it even harder to take Derek and his martyrdom seriously. He's super antagonistic as they talk about the baby's surgery and Addie finally sighs that she's sorry he now has to spend the day with his wife. Maturely, he walks away, and she just calls after him that it's a beautiful day to save lives. See, in Elttaes, that's not his catchphrase, but rather something else for him to grunt at.

Mere finds Richard and tells him that she has to steal a surgery from Cristina; he matter-of-factly points out that she is stealing surgeries from people all the time. Mere complains that Ellis doesn't want her watching her surgery and Richard responds with a story, ever the good PR rep. He reminds Meredith about a time when she crashed her bike, and how her mom made her get back on and then she learned to ride it. He tells her that Ellis just wants her to succeed. I've been with someone for whom you are always apologizing or rationalizing and it's exhausting. Richard has to be feeling some strain at this point in his life, even if from the outside he seems calm as a cucumber and like a relaxed, supportive dad. He offers Mere a spot in his own surgery but although she loves the idea (see, she's interested in a variety of things other than cardio -- almost as if she should have pursued general surgery!) she figures she better not, and then takes a moment to rest her head on his shoulder.

Cristina is in the cafeteria, practicing sutures on a banana during lunch. All of the other residents are gathered a couple of tables away, staring and gossiping about how she never eats with anyone else but that's what she gets for sleeping with an attending. Jackson makes a crack about April's virginity but Mere sticks up for her and shuts him up, and the conversation goes back to Cristina and Burke. No one really knows what happens, but Meredith jokes that whatever happened was so bad, Burke wound up leaving the state. Alex jokes that this is why he doesn't mess with "crazy chicks," not realizing that his real-life self seems to go for nothing but. They bring up Izzie and when Jackson asks who that is, explain how she dated a patient and then stole a heart for him. But in Elttaes, Mere then turned Izzie in to Ellis and got her fired. Jackson asks who else didn't make it from their class and Alex mentions George, who failed his intern exams and was never heard from again. So, at least presumably George is still alive in Elttaes, and I like to hope he's happy. Mere finally screws up her courage, and stands up so she can get back on her bike.

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