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Alex runs after her as he pulls on his shirt, begging her not to tell anyone. He's forgotten his glasses and without those but with the desperation in his voice, this is the Alex we know. Cristina just wants to use it to get her surgery back, and she doesn't flinch when Alex tries to threaten that he'll make sure she never gets time in an OR again. She knows she holds all the cards, and she orders Alex to take Mere off of her surgery. Alex tells her that it was Callie's decision, so she turns and goes to find her instead.

As the Shepherds work on the baby, Addison tells Derek she wants him to meet with someone from a preschool. Derek gets pissed, but it's not because of the ludicrous notion of having to get your baby into school before they are born (oh yes, I am fully aware that this is totally a real thing, by the way, as I've had friends go through it -- I just find it nuts that this is the world we live in) but because he's Derek, and he's an ass, and he doesn't want to do anything family-related much less talk about it in front of colleagues. She blows up at him that they have to talk now because he's never home, spending every night in his trailer on the land where she's convinced he's never really going to build a house. So, it's just as uncomfortable to be a scrub nurse in Elttaes as it is in Seattle, having to witness ugly personal clashes while you work. When something goes wrong with the baby they yell at each other some more, and Addie finally tells him to focus on his part of the surgery and she'll take care of hers.

Bailey walks in to the scrub room where Alex is getting ready for Ellis' surgery, and she asks him for a favor. He's clearly not in the mood, having just been caught with his pants (almost) down, but Bailey has built up her courage and forges ahead, explaining that the veins Ellis wants to use for this surgery aren't suitable for grafting. Alex is appalled that she's just bringing this up now, and tells her that this isn't his patient so he won't be the one to tell Ellis Grey she's wrong. Bailey just whisper-asks for confirmation that she read the chart, clinging to that notion like a lifeline though she obviously knows it's not going to save her. Alex tells her Ellis knows what she is doing, but Bailey just calls after him to tell her. Unfortunately for Bailey, we all know that is never happening.

Jackson runs after Cristina, hounding her because she hasn't yet put in Lexille's pacemaker. She just ignores him and finds Owen, demanding to know where Callie is. Jackson decides to try tattling on her for not doing the procedure but Cristina maintains she's not giving up her fancy surgery, "to put a pacemaker in a junkie." Owen is growing increasingly frustrated with their arguing and when Cristina tries to order him to pass a message to Callie, he hauls back and sends his fist through a window in front of all of the ER staff and patients. Cristina just silently follows him into the exam room whose window he just destroyed and grabs some bandages, starting to patch him up. She tells him he's not going to need stitches this time (so this is not her first rodeo, it seems) and tells him she thought he was getting better, or is he going to hit another intern? Ah, so that is Elttaes' equivalent of the Choking Incident. Owen just asks her why she doesn't go ahead and report him, and they have a deep, soul-searching long stare at each other before she tells him it's because she is a doctor. That makes no sense, but fine. Owen asks her rather pathetically not to tell Callie, which seems to be Cristina's last straw: she tells him he can finish up, and leaves for her surgery.

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