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I Screw Dead People

Between the title of the episode, the shots of Seattle freeways at night against just a couple of eerie musical notes, and Meredith's night-themed voiceover, it's apparent that this episode is going to center around one crazy night at Seattle Grace, "crazy" being the operative word. "When you're little, nighttime is scary because there are monsters hiding right under the bed." Hmm, might any of those monsters be sharks? Sharks that might need to be jumped over? I'm just speculating, here. "When you get older, the monsters are different." We get some dramatic shots from later in the episode to give us an idea of what events lie in store for us: Cristina looking worried with her hands in a torso while Bailey talks her through, "Self-doubt." Callie lying on the floor with blood coming out her nose, looking scarily dead until she blinks, "Loneliness." Lexie sitting, shell-shocked and silent, "Regret. And though you may be older and wiser, you still find yourself scared of the dark."

It's a little obvious when a roll of thunder is used to usher us in to the first real scene. Izzie is sitting on a chair with her knees drawn up to her chest, panicking and trying to figure out why it is that she's having a conversation with her dead fiancée. She thinks she's crazy, but Denny assures her she isn't. No matter what this turns out to be, this storyline is certainly crazy. She asks him what he is and he tells her, "I'm a dead man who loves you." Funny, I'm a live woman who just threw up a little. She concludes that she touched and kissed him when he was alive, so she's just reliving things. He thinks about that a second and then stands and walks towards her, suggesting that they then should try doing something they never got to do in real life. She stands up, he pulls off his shirt, and after a moment of making out, she pulls hers off too and they fall into bed.

Personally, I can pinpoint this as the exact moment this show jumped the shark. I got through Meredith's dying, Bailey's out-of-thin-air marital problems and all sorts of annoying and ridiculous storylines, but this is just too much for me. And the writers trying to sell us on this being a great love triangle and a brilliant idea just makes me angry. Denny died. His character is gone. I'm sorry that he was a good character and maybe that was a mistake, but that's the choice that was made. So having him come back to follow Izzie around, smirk sexily and then bed her is absolutely ridiculous to me. One thing I liked about this show from the beginning was its portrayal of all sorts of relationships and how nothing is ever black and white (hence the name), good people can be stupid, here are situations you could find yourself in, etc. But ghost sex is for a daytime soap. Ghost sex is completely out of the realm of believability. Ghost sex is a cheap way to bring back a good character and, by the way? Bringing Denny back and keeping him around in such an idiotic storyline is making me not like him so much anymore, which I hate. Because at least with him dying, I had the nice memory of a character that I loved. That is fading really, really fast with this garbage.

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