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Mark comes out to the waiting room to update Ivy and tell her that since it will be at least an hour, she could take a nap. He finds her drinking coffee and she actually claims to drink it for the taste. Instead of challenging that he tells her about his own childhood with parents who were more interested in their own social lives than in having a kid. Before he went to bed he'd turn on all the lights and televisions, but he still couldn't sleep. He asks, "It's hard to sleep when you don't feel safe in your own house, isn't it?" She whispers, "Yeah," and he takes the coffee from her hand and orders that she's going to fall asleep. She tries to fight it, but he promises he'll be there and pats his shoulder. She closes her eyes and rests against him in what I have to say is one of the most genuinely sweet moments -- if not the most -- of this season for me. Man-whores have hearts too!

In his office, Richard bellows at Mere and Cristina that he was finally sleeping when he got this call, and they each answer that they can't believe it. Richard immediately backs off and tells them not to beat themselves up. He tells them that they actually showed maturity (!) by handling the surgery and saving Sadie's life but most importantly by calling for help immediately, adding that not that long ago they would have stuck to "the code" and protected each other by trying to hide what happened. "Sometimes protecting your colleagues is solidarity, and sometimes it's just hubris. I'm glad to see you know the difference." Mere and Cristina seem pleased with how this talk turned out but then Lexie has to bust in and try to take the blame. She yells over Mere that people really did try to stop her, including when Cristina told her the day before that she had to shut it down. Richard's face immediately changes and he demands, "You knew about this yesterday?!?" He then turns and asks if Mere knew and she blurts out a no, which causes Cristina to turn on her in horror.

After the unseen beat-down by Richard, Mere and Cristina go out to the hallway to yell at each other. Mere is appalled to think Cristina knew what was going on, and Cristina defends that she only knew about the sutures and she thought she didn't have to say anything since she shut it down. First of all, it's a pretty big assumption that yelling at them once would stop something that crazy and second, wouldn't she have told Mere what was happening so that Mere would at least know Lexie wasn't a secret cutter? But clearly that didn't happen. Meredith yells that obviously it didn't shut down and that because of that Lexie nearly lost her job and Sadie nearly died -- the mention of both of them is enough to send Cristina over the edge. She yells at Mere that Sadie brought this on herself, and orders Mere to stop acting like she has a real relationship with Lexie and cares about her. Mere doesn't argue that but does argue that she cares about her job and doing the right thing. Cristina wants to know who she thinks she is, talking about doing the right thing. (Fair enough.) "You're not an attending, Meredith. You may be sleeping with one but you aren't one yet." (Not as fair.) Mere wants to know if once again this is actually about Derek and Cristina has to admit that it's not, but yells that it's about the two of them and how Meredith didn't have Cristina's back in front of the Chief. Now, I love Cristina -- she is one of the few characters left that I genuinely care about and like to watch each week. But I think that's kind of not fair, given that Meredith was taken by as much surprise as Richard. Even if she ultimately would have wanted to lie for her friend, I don't think she could have come up with anything given a shock like that and also, I think the two of them should have matured enough by now to have a little bit of perspective on the whole "lying to their superiors" thing. Mere wants to know what she should have done and Cristina reminds her that she has a relationship with the Chief and she could have stood up for her rather than just watch as he laid into her best friend. It turns out that he took Cristina out of the running for the solo surgery, which clearly is what's at the root of her anger. Cristina then says it's not all on her since they all had interns that took part, which means they all clearly failed to supervise them. More importantly, I think Cristina should realize that they also have failed to do a single shred of teaching because if they had, the interns might not have felt the need to pull life-threatening stunts for practice. But that seems to not have gotten through to either her or Mere. Cristina adds that if Sadie had died, it would have been on all of them too, and that's what Mere should have told the Chief. She then storms out of the room.

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