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Bailey walks down the stairs in her street clothes to find her residents (minus Izzie -- my favorite group!) waiting for her, wanting to know what she's going to say to the interns. She laughs and nips that idea in the bud. "I raised my babies. You were my babies. Now you're all grown folks, it's on you. You raise your own babies." They ask her what they are supposed to say, and Bailey visibly deflates. She asks if they really need a speech from her because after all this time, if they need that they shouldn't be there. "If you do, then I haven't raised you right and I know I raised you right." She tells them to make their own speeches, and leaves.

So the young residents gather the interns and everyone files into Sadie's room, where Cristina demands that Lexie present. As she does, Sadie tries to figure out what's going on. Mere demands that Ryan continue. Poor Ryan -- from what I saw, he's the only one that stuck around to try and help and he seems to be getting it only second to Lexie right now. He tells them she should fully recover in two weeks. Cristina asks, "And?" Lexie steps forward and tells Sadie that as her surgeons they made mistakes that compromised her care and reflect poorly on a #12 institution like Seattle Grace, and it won't happen again. Seriously, #12 is looking so generous right now. The residents all take turns talking but it boils down to this: all of the interns are on probation and won't be allowed in an OR until further notice. George tells them they've lost the Chief's respect which he knows personally is very hard to regain. Alex adds that personally, they've lost his respect and they probably will never regain it. One of the vaguely-familiar-looking interns whispers something and Alex demands he repeat what he said, which is that Alex still respects Izzie after she killed a patient. I don't think that one of my reactions to that was supposed to be, "Good point," but... good point. But I do also like what actually happens, which is that Alex throws him into a wall -- which I like because I like Alex, not because he's defending stupid Izzie. He tells Nameless Intern that Izzie was trying to save a life while they almost killed their friend for fun, and of course Izzie has arrived in the doorway to see it all and look distressed.

Bailey goes to check on Callie, who's finally relaxed and enjoying the good drugs. She tells her she looks great and describes her crazy bandages as, "A badge of honor all over your face," which makes Callie giggle and then wince. She then asks if the interns really did what they did and Bailey confirms it for her. Callie dismisses it as crazy, but Bailey starts to reminisce about when she was an intern who was totally excited by surgery and would do anything just to be able to operate. Something tells me, though, that Bailey would have never been goaded into something this stupid by another dumb intern. She takes a seat and admits that now she can do most surgeries without even thinking about it, and she doesn't even remember most of them any more. She also hates appendectomies -- the very surgery that is so exciting the residents -- and even resents the appendix for acting up and needing to be removed. "I resent an organ." She laughs at herself, but then admits that maybe she shouldn't do general surgery but should find a new challenge. She then muses that maybe she's just tired. Callie tells her it's okay to be tired and then asks, "Right?" Bailey realizes that Callie is tired too, and Callie admits she's absolutely exhausted. She knows she wants something, but doesn't know what, and Bailey replies, "That makes two of us."

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