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Mercifully, we cut to the hospital, where Cristina is coming in. She runs into Hunt, who is waiting outside for an ambulance. He literally stutters but can't seem to get any words out until he asks her if she's there for him. She's understandably taken aback and after he tries to explain that he meant was she there for the trauma he's expecting, she calmly tells him she's there for a possible appendectomy. She turns to go and he makes another stuttering attempt at speech so she turns, and after a moment, asks if he wanted to say something. Dumbly, he asks how she beat the ambulance and she tells him that she lives across the street. Ah, you're a full-fledged staff member of this hospital now, Dr. Hunt, now that you find yourself reduced to a babbling idiot around your love interest.

Ah, welcome to the second most worthless guest star ever -- Sadie. I tried to separate Melissa George from her role as Lauren on Alias, really I did, but we're now two episodes in and I find her both useless and annoying. She shuffles into the bathroom where Mere is reading her mother's journals and sleepily carries on a conversation while she uses the toilet. Isn't this the very same thing that Mere found repulsive about Callie? But Mere doesn't bat an eye, just tells her about how fascinating the journals are. Sadie thought they hated Ellis, but Mere admits that she thinks she might have liked the woman if she hadn't been her mother. Resident Ellis from the journals was funny and intense, which Mere compares to Cristina. Sadie sneers at her rival's name but Mere ignores it and assures Sadie that Cristina is awesome once you get to know her, she's an ally, and they need allies at the hospital. Yes, for when you do completely irresponsible and stupid things, which no one seems to be able to avoid here. (Incidentally, Sadie then washes her hands, so at least she's got that going for her.) Sadie asks Mere what she thinks of Lexie as Sadie's very own "intern BFF," but Mere stutters her way through ten different ways to say no. Sadie's taken aback but Mere tries to smooth it over by explaining that Lex grew up with two parents in a stable, loving home, with smiley-face posters on her walls, so she's not their people. Mere then gets sparkle paged that Cristina's got the appendectomy, and Sadie decides to go along to be an annoying nuisance... I mean, to get some time in the skills lab.

As they walk past Izzie's door, they hear her moaning exuberantly. They don't have their own Special Denny Sense, so it's just her voice coming from inside. It is more notable when Alex then comes out of his bedroom. Mere asks what he's doing there -- he paid off a nurse to page him when an appendectomy came in. But what she means comes in the form of an extra-loud moan from Izzie's room. Mere calls to Derek and wakes him up, so we know he's keeping Little Derek under control and Alex reaches the conclusion that Izzie is enjoying some quality time with herself. "It's hot." Alex knocks on the door to get Izzie up for the appendectomy, and when Sadie calls out to Mere that she's ready to go, Derek is none too pleased to realize she's there too. Mere assures him it's only for a couple of days but he announces, "No more strays." She repeats it and kisses him before leaving. Izzie finally opens the door to Alex; she's very sweaty and naked and hiding behind the door. She lies that she's not feeling well (though the noises we heard say otherwise) and says she's going to skip the op. Alex points out what he just heard and offers to stay and assist her efforts, but she just tells him she doesn't want to get him sick. I don't think delusions are contagious, but who really knows at this point?

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