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Mark and Callie get ready to go see Arthur, the trauma patient. It turns out his plunge through the window was a result of night terrors -- he was sleepwalking. Mark asks if Callie can imagine waking up bruised, battered, and not knowing where she is or how she got there. In fact, Callie can: "It sounds like my life. Married, betrayed, gay, abandoned, and then I woke up and I have no idea how I got here." But she supposes things are as bad as they can get, right? As they work on him, Arthur sits up and starts screaming about protecting his daughter Ivy from a mountain lion. The docs realize he's asleep and attempt to restrain him, but he thrashes so much that he winds up hitting Callie in the face and knocking her to the ground. Then we see the shot from before, of her lying, defeated, with blood running out her nose. Never, ever suppose that things can't get worse.

Lexie and the interns really aren't good at being stealthy -- they go en masse to check out the surgical board, and Lexie figures out that they can do the procedure down in outpatient surgery where no one will notice them. Mere comes by wheeling her patient into surgery and she seems suspicious, but Lexie lies that they're taking Sadie on a tour. When Mere asks where they're going next she's met with sputtering, and finally Ryan yells out that they're going to the skills lab. As they go, Sadie smiles at Mere and sing-songs, "Gotta stick with my allies!" Mere calls a reminder out to her as she goes: "Smiley face posters! It's all I'm saying!"

Alex goes to see his patient, who turns out to be Mary Cherry, and she's married to Will Bailey! I really wouldn't have predicted that. So, actually, Mary's name is Lauren, and Will's name is Seth. Lauren's having stomach pain and can't keep any food in her system, and her husband is less than sympathetic. It sounds like Lauren can't stop researching medical problems on the internet and then diagnosing herself with things like stomach cancer. Alex takes a look and is disappointed to realize that she doesn't need her appendix out, but does need a stool sample. With that he snaps his rubber glove on. Oh, the glamorous tasks that doctors get to perform each day...

Mark is tending to an absolutely bereft Callie. He teases her that it wasn't such a nice nose to begin with but when she protests he assures her it was a gorgeous nose and will be again in two weeks. After a look he amends, "Three weeks. Four tops." She tells him she hates him, but he counters that she loves him. He then gives her an injection and Callie sobs, "Ow ow ow ow!" He tells her it doesn't hurt, but she cries that if she hadn't had such a shitty year, maybe it wouldn't hurt so much, but it does. There's something about her that's just getting to me right now -- I feel like I've totally been there. Not with the cheating husband and then becoming a lesbian, per se, but with the absolutely horrible time of it and then something happening to make everything worse. She's got the deep crying down pat. Seeing how upset she really is, he tells her that instead of local he'll put her under conscious sedation so that she can just go to sleep, and wake up in a new day with a fixed nose. He's pushing her hair out of her face as he says all of that, and it's the little gestures like that between the two of them that make me just love them together. She's stopped crying and morosely asks if she'll still have him, and if he'll still have sex with her whenever she wants? He tells her, "Anytime. You know, once your face heals." Once again she tells him she hates him and he retorts that she loves him. Aw. Since they are such a good twosome, whether they stay friends or become a couple I'm sure the writers will find a way to horrifically break up their relationship too. You can't have people be happy, you know!

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