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Arthur (better known to me as Walt Cummings -- they are just guest-starring it up this week) has woken up and seems rather horrified to learn that he hit a doctor. He also doesn't understand why he's there, so as Ivy looks on worriedly Hunt tells him that she said he was having a bad dream, and he jumped out the window. It turns out he started sleepwalking when his wife died two years ago, and he went to a sleep clinic where they told him it was stress induced and gave him some meds. When George asks how that's worked, Arthur says that stress is part of raising a 13-year-old (here we get a shot of his daughter, still looking terribly worried) but that he hadn't had an episode in a while. He turns to Ivy and takes her hand, apologizing sincerely and guessing that she must have been scared. Ivy holds it together and tells him she's okay, she's just worried about him. He doesn't seem to be a bad dad -- just one who wakes up and accidently throws himself out windows sometimes.

Sloane comes upon Lexie in the supply closet, gathering everything they need to take out Sadie's appendix. She, like all the other good doctors here, has absolutely no good lying skills yet her frightened sputtering doesn't even faze Sloane, who is looking for an IV kit. He asks where the interns are but her brilliant and smooth answer, "Busy interning," is mercifully cut off at that point by Derek walking in. Sloane defends that he just found her there and didn't invite her there, but Derek seems skeptical. Lexie rushes out and Derek warns him not to do anything, while Sloane unsuccessfully tries to tell him that he didn't.

Mere and Cristina are weirdly attentive and cooperative as they watch Bailey do the appendectomy and ask her questions. The thing is, Bailey has to stop and think to be able to answer them, since doing the surgery is practically just a reflex for her now. She tells them she's getting tired just watching them study her.

Lexie arrives in the outpatient surgery room to find they've got Sadie all numbed and ready to go. Before they start, Sadie tells her that she finds that Lexie having parents, rules and smiley face posters, "Oddly comforting." Lexie's confused but doesn't question it since it's time to begin. And she does so by... reading her instructions out of a book. That's the way to make your patient confident for sure. Sadie looks mildly worried just for the most split of seconds, and Lexie draws where she's going to make the incision. She then actually steals Derek's line and announces, "It's a good day to save lives, people." Of course she babbles that Sadie's life is fine, but on Sadie's prodding grabs the scalpel and... pulls up to protest that it's a bad idea. She babbles some more that this is a bad idea (a realization that's better late than never) and that they could use the frustration of not doing this surgery as the impetus to demand that their residents do a better job teaching. Amen! However, having proven that she's not opposed to self-mutilation, Sadie grabs the scalpel and makes the incision herself, so now they have to go on.

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