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Bailey comes to join Mere and Cristina and when she demands to know whose idea this was, Lexie admits it was hers. Cristina and Mere have been doing a good job, but Cristina starts to panic that she can't do it. Calmly, Bailey tells her to feel for whatever it is she needs to reach rather than look for it, and she's able to talk her through the procedure. Mere asks if she should do a particular type of suture, and Bailey continues to teach, telling her to do what feels right. Ryan looks on in scared awe while Lexie just looks panicky.

Wherever the rest of the interns fled to, they now are all gathered in the hall worrying about going to jail. George finds them and quietly asks why Lexie didn't come to him, saying he might have been able to stop her. Lexie retorts that this is the first thing she's done in months that wasn't actually about trying to get him to notice her, and maintains that it was all her before she walks away. George stands there a second and Graciella tells him, "Dude, she's like in love with you. How did you miss that?" Wait, he was supposed to still not know that? Because I thought he put two and two together when she got mad that he didn't pick her as an intern. Clearly I was wrong. (As you all know, not for the first time this season.) Lex walks to the railing to see Richard arrive and talk sternly to Cristina and Mere.

Izzie gets a 911 page so she has to leave, and Denny tells her with a smirk to go. This is one thing I haven't figured out yet -- why he seems so weirdly smug and unaffected by much of what he says. It's kind of the way that Erica reacted in the same way to everything Callie ever told her, and it's a little bit unnerving. Izzie wants to know if he'll disappear forever, if maybe she needed this one last night to move on, but he tells her he's not going anywhere. That's too bad.

Alex is about ready to start mixing up the poo cocktail. Okay... yes, I just grossed myself out there. But how else am I supposed to put it? Medical terms aren't going to make this any less disturbing. Lauren takes Seth's hand and apologizes for being crazy, but he assures her he loves her even with the crazy, and Alex takes note. There's time for one more poo joke: "Okay, I've taken your crap all these years, it's finally time for you to take mine." But for the sake of their sex life, he decides not to watch the procedure.

The rest of the boys are operating on Arthur, so I guess that means they figured out from the EEG that this was epilepsy. Derek's able to be condescending even in surgery, and asks the room how Arthur could have not known this was happening. George, in a welcome move we haven't seen in a while, stands up for the guy and asks how he was supposed to know, since he was living life thinking that he and his daughter had the kind of relationship where she would tell him this was going on and she was in trouble. But then George adds that if you really love someone, you should talk to them. I don't think he's supposed to be implying that Ivy doesn't love her dad -- I think that was a super clumsy attempt to relate this to his and Lexie's relationship and there just so Hunt could reply that maybe she tried to talk to him, but words failed her.

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