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Into You Like A Train

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Into You Like A Train
y disagrees. Meredith insists that she's fine. Bailey: "Regretting that last shooter about now, aren't you?" Hee. Mere rolls her eyes and goes off for her test.

Cristina is tearing up an ambulance looking for her precious leg. The sour paramedic from earlier asks her what the hell she's doing, and Cristina explains that one of the paramedics had to have brought the leg in. Paramedic: "Oh, because we all look alike to you?" Oh, no, Cristina is a paramedicist! Cristina is like, "Honestly, I cannot straddle another giant ego right now, okay? I need that leg RIGHT NOW or the Chief of Surgery is gonna take away my pretty blue scrubs." The paramedic gives some bitchy story about how there were multiple decapitations in this train wreck, and her guy can live without his leg. Cristina: "This is so not about the guy, or the leg, but thank you. For all that you do, really...thanks." Cristina is so awesome.

"Yeah? Ohhh, yeah, yeah, we fine. Honey, some redneck tryin' to outrun the train..." I wish I were kidding, but Sassy is back, y'all. Alex shuts the curtain on Sassy, and tends to a very pregnant woman's injuries. The woman asks Alex if he knows where she can find her friend, who is also pregnant. Alex says she is probably up in maternity. The woman is like, "Okay, thanks!" and heaves herself up out of the bed. Before Alex can react, she's nearly to the elevator. Music of Funny Pregnant Antics plays, so we know that it is not serious.

Meredith is complaining about George's blood-drawing skills, saying she'd think he could draw a little blood, since he operated on a heart earlier in the day. George says so, so cutely that he rocked that heart. Mere agrees, "Yeah, you did." George confesses to Meredith that he is now strung out on the scalpel. Mere says there's nothing wrong with that. Now, several of you have stated that you actually found George "hot" in this scene, and while he was very cute and endearing, I am going to have to most emphatically disagree. George is just a little too...moist, or something, to be considered hot. Plus, he totally has Jheri-curl bangs, which is not attractive on anyone, unless you're my husband and you're Michael Jackson for Halloween. I will give you a moment to recover from your hysterical laughter. So George tells Meredith that he thinks it's amazing that she even gave McDreamy a choice. "For what it's worth, I think he's crazy if he doesn't pick you." George can't quite look Mere in the eye as he speaks, and it is kind of heartbreaking. Before Mere can pick up on George's total love signals, though, Cristina bursts in to ask if they've seen a right leg lying around anywhere. They haven't. Mere: "How weird is this job?" George: "Weird."

Up in the maternity ward, two pregnant ladies reunite. Addison scolds Alex for letting his patient escape like that, and Alex says there was nothing he could do. Addison turns on her bitchface: "Is she cleared? Have you [blah blah medical jargon]? Is there any reason this woman should be wandering around unattended?" Alex says she's not unattended; he escorted her up. Addison cuts him off: "You can leave now. DOCTOR Karev." Damn, why is everybody giving Alex such a hard time? It's not like he's usually an asshole or anything. After Alex leaves, Addison tells Izzie that that was irresponsible, even for an intern. Izzie disagrees: "She wanted to see her friend. What was he supposed to do, tackle her?" Addison softens, and tells Izzie to get their new patient into a bed. Why, Dr. Mrs. Dr. McDreamy, I think there's hope for you yet!

Pole people. McDreamy pokes Bonnie's foot, and asks if she can feel that. Bonnie, clearly medicated now, blurts, "You're a cuuuute doctor." McDreamy smiles, and again asks her kindly if she can feel that. Bonnie: "Can I feel what?" Uh-oh. Bonnie sees McDreamy's expression, and says she guesses that's a no. George walks in with some labs just then. McDreamy takes a look at them, then asks Tom to try to wiggle his toes. Tom succeeds, and asks if they're wiggling. McDreamy affirms that they are; Tom is jubilant. "What about me? Are mine moving?" asks Bonnie. They are totally not, but McDreamy lies so good. "Yes, they are." Tears! Bonnie groggily yays herself. George gets this look like he cannot STAND it that McDreamy makes it so hard to hate him. Tom asks McDreamy if they're going to live through this. Bonnie giggles at Tom to stop being so morose. Oh, Bonnie, you're so going to die soon. I'm so sorry. McDreamy tells Tom that they're going to do everything they can.

Operating Room of Mismatched Limbs. Cristina runs in with a garbage bag. Webber says he was about to start thinking all his work was for nothing. Cristina says she took the liberty of checking the wound, and it's very clean-cut and well-preserved. It is really too bad for Cristina that she did not check the lovely red-manicured toenails of the shaved woman's leg. "Take a look at my patient, Dr. Yang!" bellows Webber. "Does he look like a man who woke up and shaved one of his legs this morning?" Cristina stutters that she'll go find the right right leg. Poor Yang. Commercials.

Burke and Bailey find McDreamy, and ask how they're doing. McDreamy reports that Tom's got better odds than Bonnie. Bailey tells George to let OR know they're coming. Burke adds, "And O'Malley? Close out the gallery. We don't need an audience for this." George starts to walk out, then turns back: "She's cracking jokes. How do you tell someone she's going to be dead in a few minutes when they're cracking jokes?" Oh, it is too sad! And Burke is hot also! Why are my doctors all ugly, I ask you? WHY? ["Move to New York, lady. My dermatologist is a fox." -- Sars]

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