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Cristina is sipping a coffee, radiating displeasure as she watches workers put up a new sign for Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. That's a mouthful. Mere starts us up: "When you get sick, it starts out with a single bacteria. One lone, nasty intruder." Fortunately the nasty intruders are really easy to recognize in orange scrubs, and one guy knocks into Cristina as he runs past. "Pretty soon, the intruder duplicates." Alex gets in the elevator and that same guy jumps in at the last minute, with a second orange-clad doctor. "Becomes two. Then those two become four, and those four become eight."

Meredith watches four of them walk past her room, and one tiny girl with short dark hair gives her a slightly sneering once-over. Now come on, how would she know yet that Meredith is also a doctor? And if she doesn't know that, is she starting out by sneering at the patients in judgment? That doesn't seem like a good idea.

Izzie is glaring at all of the orange docs picking out lockers while she gets ready. Mere: "Then, before your body knows it, it's under attack." The sneering girl puts her stuff in George's empty locker and Izzie tells her not to, because they keep it empty for a reason, and asks her to move. What's about to happen might possibly have been avoided if she explained why they do it, but she doesn't, so Sneery won't do it. Her friend, Hannah from Everwood/Kitty from Mad Men, smirks as she watches the confrontation. Izzie gets pissed and orders her to take it out, prompting Sneery to gripe, "Great, I got the crazy one next to me." She's clearly trying to rile up Izzie but Iz totally bites, and starts trying to fight with her. Alex comes in at that moment and holds her back. Look, I hate Izzie as much as anyone but I do find it a little presumptive that these guys are already acting like they own the place.

"It's an invasion. The question for a doctor is, what if the invaders have landed? Once they've taken over your body..." Izzie, Alex, Cristina and Lexie all lean on the second story railing and look down at a sea of orange below. Izzie tells them that one of them took George's cubby, and Alex rubs her back while they all gaze down. Mere finishes up, " the hell do you get rid of them?" We fade to a flash of orange before the usual white. Fancy!

The remaining Seattle Grace residents are all gathered in Mere's room, and while Cristina checks on Meredith's surgery site, Lexie peeks through the blinds at everyone outside. Graciella, Ryan and Steve (fine, I'll go back to his name because Stinky does seem mean if he's going to be sticking around, though it's so nice and easy to remember!) seem to be the other members of Lexie's class that survived the original massacre. Meredith calls the newbies locusts feeding on their surgeries and I have to agree with Izzie when she then gripes that they might have acted like guests for at least a couple of days first. Lexie asks about the orange scrubs, and Mere tells her it makes it all the easier to pick out the new docs, plus it's a kind of aggressive color to make everyone even more on edge. Okay fine, what she really said is that the hospital ran out of the blue ones but they'll be in next week. Cristina is ominously silent as everyone continues to complain -- Ryan suggests that they can just give them their own blue scrubs when they are replaced. Steve chimes in that he doesn't want to be a coroner. Mere tries to keep order and everyone's spirits up, but when she looks to Cristina to back her up Cristina demands to know why bother, "They're here, it's over." Mere maintains that they aren't hosts, and the newcomers can't invade, attach themselves to their faces, and then burst out of their stomachs and slither away while the Seattle Grace docs eat spaghetti. "This is our ship!" Lexie incredulously asks if she's quoting a Sigourney Weaver movie. Hey now! 1. Don't sound so disdainful, that's an awesome movie. 2. Did they not get the rights to say Alien? Mere tries to keep up her motivating speech, but Steve just moans again that he doesn't want to be a coroner. Meredith rolls her eyes, and orders everyone out to go get surgeries before the others do, and then come back with a full report. Cristina stays behind and when Mere asks what's up Cristina argues that she doesn't know what she's fighting for. Mere yells at her that she's fighting for surgeries, and that when a "cardio god" comes to work at the hospital one day she doesn't want to be out of practice. Cristina just clenches her jaw and remains sitting in her fury.

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