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Charles tries to talk with Izzie while she's in with Sara, and she tells him to go away. He hands her the lab results and offers to do the dialysis, but Izzie says she's got it, and that she doesn't need a "surgical bitch." Fortunately by now she's out in the hallway, because it's about time someone around there remembered that doing this in front of a patient wasn't a good idea. Charles tells her that this is their job, and that they can be friends when they are outside of work but are competitors inside, at least that's how it was at Mercy West. She spits back that it's not that way here, and that they support each other and throw themselves in front of busses to save strangers. "You will never measure up to the people we lost," she says, shaking with contempt. She walks back into Sara's room and slams the paper with the results to the table, shooting directions at the technician. Sara tries to smile but is clearly uncomfortable, because, you know, she doesn't expect her doctors to bicker in front of her. It's going to really help that ranking if none of the doctors can maintain civility even just for a few moments in front of the patients.

Cristina walks into Mere's room, shuts the door, sits on the sofa and starts to cry. Mere is shocked, turns off her movie (It Happened One Night, and thanks to Jessica for knowing that as I had no idea other than it was Clark Gable looking dashing), as this is about as anti-Cristina as behavior gets, but as she repeats her friend's name, Cristina only cries harder. Mere tries to hand her a Kleenex but Cristina won't reach for it, so eventually she tosses the box to the sofa since she can't get off of the bed. Mere asks her what happened and Cristina finally sobs that nothing is happening to her. We haven't seen her this upset since Burke left her, and she's absolutely desperate as she talks about how long it's been since she held a heart and felt any joy or rush at her job. After a moment, she admits to missing Burke. Mere is taken aback but Cristina explains that she doesn't miss the relationship, but she misses basically having him there as a mentor, when she got picked for surgery not for favoritism but because she was right for the job. Well, and as I recall it's also because she'd help him cover up a career-threatening injury, but it's not as good for this argument now. She takes a deep breath and adds, "And I felt seen." She spent this whole day fighting and finally admits she doesn't want to do it anymore. Mere pats the bed next to her and as we've seen so many times before, Cristina crawls in. Mere turns the movie back on and just holds her friend.

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