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Lexie, April and Derek are in their scrubs and ready for surgery, and when Derek asks April tells him that Billy's already been put under and is all ready. Lexie's a little surprised as she was supposed to be doing that, and April is nothing but sweetness and light as she says she knows, but wanted to make sure everything was ready for Dr. Shepherd. I can't believe Derek seems to be falling for this hook, line and sinker -- he was younger once, yes? He's surely seen people sucking up and is able to see past it, right?? Well, it's questionable right now -- he just beams that on her first day, she's already making his life easier. Lexie's had enough, and agrees brightly that April's not just a good doctor, she's a great doctor. April is flattered but once Lexie calls her the future of medicine, she realizes what has happened. As a last twist of the knife, Lexie points to her own nose and says, "I can tell." Horrified, April says she needs a moment and runs off in tears. Lexie, rather than gloating, looks kind of sick with herself.

Alex and Reed look at their patients' scans and find that he's got a subdural hematoma, which explains everything that has been going on. They seem to have a bit of a truce going with this diagnosis but when Alex says he'll tell neuro, she absolutely won't let him and says she'll do it. They bicker some more about who it was that can take credit for this diagnosis until finally Alex asks if she can give it a rest, recalling what the guy's daughter said. Reed apologizes and says she'll stop if he does, and he agrees and gives up, saying she can have it. "Talk to Arizona Robbins, she's head of neuro." She looks like a cat that got the cream until it dawns on her that this was too easy and she asks the tech if Arizona Robbins is really the head of neuro. She then races out after Alex.

Izzie runs down the hall to Sara's room where she finds her in the middle of a seizure, foaming at the mouth. She yells for a crash cart and demands to know what Charles did, but he yells back that he didn't do anything and Izzie was the last doctor in her room. Izzie shocks her and Sara's heartbeat seems to pick back up, but it's pretty much the definition of shit hitting the fan.

Callie's dad is staring out the window into the dark when Arizona approaches him; after a moment he tells her that he doesn't know her enough to talk to her about Callie. Arizona doesn't say anything but after a moment, tells him that while most people think she got her name because of the state, she was actually named for the battleship USS Arizona. Her grandfather was serving on the ship when Pearl Harbor was bombed and saved the lives of 19 men before he died. She tells him that everything her dad has ever done was to honor her grandfather, and that Arizona was raised to be a good man in a storm, and to love her country and her family. And she protects the things she loves. It turns out her dad is a Colonel in the Marine Corps, and that when she came out she thought he'd kick her out -- instead, he just asked if she was who he raised her to be. Finally, Mr. Torres gives Arizona a sideways glance. She tells him that her dad doesn't bend for anything, except he bent for her because she is his daughter. She gives Mr. Torres a pointed look before reminding him in a not-quite-warning, but firm, tone that she protects the things she loves, and she loves Callie even though she doesn't need her protection. She stressed that Callie is awesome and everything he raised her to be, and he finally turns his whole head to look at her before looking back out the window and straightening up his stance. Arizona waits a moment and then heads out, having done her best to protect the one she loves.

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