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Bailey walks out of Sara's room, the commotion over, and faces Charles and Izzie. Izzie asks if she's still getting the kidney but Bailey shuts her right down and announces that she will be asking the questions. Izzie answers that yes, she was in charge of the dialysis, but when Bailey asks if she was upset with Charles (as he reported) Izzie wants to know what that has to do with it. Bailey points out that could have to do with her mental state affecting her judgment, and how that could explain how she either misread or didn't read the labs. It turns out Izzie gave Sara something that, given her lab results, wound up sucking all the potassium out of her body and stopped her heart. Bailey then reveals that she's not getting the kidney after all, and that if they don't find one in 72 hours and Sara dies, Izzie will have killed her. She gives Charles a glare but motions for him to follow her while she leaves Izzie behind, looking like she might vomit.

Billy wakes up from his surgery and is told by Derek that it went well, and he'll be back to about 70% of what he was before, which is good considering his injuries. He leaves, and Billy jokes to Lexie that he guesses now he'll only steal 70% as much stuff. I have to wonder if it will be as easy for him given that he likes to brag about all of his burgling, and he seems like a pretty easy catch for the police, but I am also not a criminal so maybe I've got this whole thing wrong? Lexie just opens up April's notebook to point out the splotches inside, which she realized were tears. She was crying and scared when she wrote it, and those sayings make her feel better, but they took that comfort away from her. She tells him that they are taking things from people and leaving them at 70%. He looks like he just learned A Lesson, though I'm not sure why this would now sink in as he seemed wholly unconcerned with being left at 70% himself.

Sara has just gotten the news from Bailey and is crying, pointing out that Bailey promised her nieces that she would get a kidney. Bailey apologizes repeatedly and promises to make it right and find her a new kidney. Sara's phone then rings and when she sees it is her sister, asks what she should tell her. This scene feels kind of shoehorned in, like we have known Sara longer than we actually have and should care more, but I realized later it was necessary for Bailey to make a little trip on down to Santa Monica later. Outside the room, Izzie is waiting when she gets paged. When she sees who it is, she heaves a sigh and trudges off.

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