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April is getting her stuff from her locker when Lexie comes in with the notebook; when she hands it over April snatches it and stuffs it into her bag. Lexie apologizes and says that it must be hard being new. But, she warns, it's not an excuse for being a bitch. Well, she stops right before she says that outright but I have no problem finishing the sentence. She tells April she doesn't like her, and April lets out a rueful chuckle. Honey, you didn't give her any reason to like you, don't try to take the high ground here. Lexie says that while that's the case, what she did was over the line, and after she goes, April looks thoughtful at Lexie actually admitting that.

Izzie walks into Richard's office to find him and Missy waiting for her. She thinks for a moment that the page was mistaken, but when he introduces Missy, she connects the dots and starts to panic. She immediately tells them that they can't fire her because she has cancer, that's illegal. She gets yelly pretty quickly but he tells her it's not the cancer. And here we have my favorite part: she guesses (correctly) that this is about what happened with Sara, and tries to defend that doctors make mistakes every day. Richard tries to reply but she cuts him off by reminding him that she didn't even get fired when she cut the LVAD wire. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she tries to defend her job by bringing up the time she broke rules and laws all over the map, essentially stole an organ from a deserving donor, and managed to stay employed. That said, no wonder she thought she was invincible! He tells her that this is a different era. Yes, an era where doctors actually need to be accountable for their actions and not run willy-nilly playing God. A new day has come!

He adds that Derek and Hunt both had concerns about her stamina and emotional stability, and then tells her that Alex also had questions. Before he can explain, though, she replies as if punched in the gut, "Alex said something to you?" It's at this moment that Missy gives him a polite warning, and Richard has to resort to the script we heard earlier. Izzie's hand is over her mouth, tears spilling onto her cheeks, and she finally whispers not to do this to her, that she doesn't have anything left. He keeps a fairly good poker face but you can still tell he hates every second of this. You might, Richard, but there are a whoooole lot of us out here who are clinking cocktails in celebration at this very moment!

Closing VO time: "What do you do when the infection hits you? When it takes over?" Callie is leaving work when her dad calls after her, but she just sighs that she can't do it anymore and she'll see him in hell, and keeps walking. He then announces that he has to catch her, and she's confused enough to stop. He tells her that her whole life she's been on a bridge, and she likes to dance on the railing, and one day she'll leap and he has to be there to catch her. Callie says that he doesn't have to catch her, but he says it's his job. I don't really find this in any way to be an apology, a vote of confidence, or really a positive assessment of her character in any way but I guess it must be, because she smiles. He then asks if things work out with Arizona, if she'll give her mom a wedding. Callie says that if Arizona would like to spend the rest of her life with Callie, then that's a definite possibility. He asks about grandkids, and she also says that when the time came that could also happen. He finally asks if Arizona makes her happy and that's all she really needed to hear, she cries that Arizona makes her very happy and finally hugs him and says she loves him. He then has one more important question -- is she a vegetarian? Callie assures him that she's not, and he's relieved and then admits he feels very old.

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