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The Greatest Gift of All

"Do you do what you're supposed to do and take your medicine?" Mere asks, "Or do you learn to live with the thing?" In a flip from the scene that morning, the four key orange-clad doctors lean on the railing and look down. The difference is that now, blue and orange scrubs are mingling in relative harmony down below. "And hope someday it goes away?"

Alex gets to the locker room to change for the night and finds a note stuck in his locker. He sits down and reads it, then looks up, confused.

Cristina and Mere are still in bed watching movies but Cristina is much calmer and more contained. Alex walks in with the note in his hand, looking lost, but Mere doesn't pick up on it right away and she turns off the TV, excitedly telling him to give her a full report of the day, and did he kick their asses? After a moment, he manages to say, "Izzie left me." The girls are totally confused and Alex stutters that she left a note, and as his voice rises with panic he says he doesn't know if she's coming back. Mere asks what he means and Cristina still just looks on silently, but clearly as confused as the others. Mere finally tells Cristina to go hug him, but as she's not a hugger she's reticent. She eventually gets out of bed and takes a couple of steps towards him, but he steps back like a frightened animal and then crosses his arms defiantly. The three of them stay there like statues as Mere's voice asks, "Or do you just give up entirely and let it kill you?"

And for those of you wanting to know just how Bailey is going to kick ass and take names this time, you can jump on over to Private Practice to see if she really can find Sara a kidney to make up for the selfish mistake of her now-former resident.

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