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Bailey and her team file into the room of a fairly young woman, Sara, awaiting a new kidney. Izzie and Charles are part of this group, and when Sara holds the phone up so that the doctors can promise her sister and nieces that she's getting a good one, Bailey happily leads them in a chorus of, "It's a good kidney." Once she hangs up Lexie gives her info -- Sara, end stage renal failure, dialysis for three years, and they are on the last possible access site. Sara explains to them and to us that it means they've run out of places to stick the needles. Bailey asks the docs a question about the placement and while nearly everyone raises their hand, Charles just starts answering the question. He notices and comments, "Oh, you guys raise hands." Like it's a quaint, sweet little practice.

A man is brought into the ER -- Frank, 42 -- with lacerations of some kind. As they wheel him in he's followed by another guy, Don, yelling at Frank for touching Don's little girl. Before we can all get too horrified, Frank protests that she's 19 years old, very much not a little girl, and that they are in love. They pull back the blanket and blood spurts from his groin area, as Don apparently went after Frank's frank with a carving knife, though Don claims Frank just ran into it. Avery tries to help but Cristina snatches the chart from him and then immediately works to fix the bleeder, shouting instructions. Avery is clearly pissed but keeps himself contained as he asks a couple of times if she's sure there isn't something he can do. Cristina finishes the job, stops the bleeding, and just turns and yells, "There! That's how we do it on our side of town." Oh Cristina, this is not one of your finer moments, being so vindictive without any glee. She's usually got attitude but this has none of her smug happiness behind it.

Alex, meanwhile, tries to claim an old man who has stomach pains who is in his zone. Reed has another idea, though, and just smirks that she's already helping the guy as she asks him questions. The man's grown daughter is there and explains that he fell a couple of months ago, but Alex cuts her off to insist to Reed that this is his patient. When she won't give him up, Alex warns her to have fun without the chart and goes off to hide it. With the maturity level of all these doctors, it's a wonder either of these hospitals were ever respected institutions.

Izzie is giving Charles a tour of the place and is in much better spirits than her co-workers. When they get to the lab, the tech asks her how the IL2 is going and it dawns on Charles that her punky short hair isn't just for fun. She very quietly tells him she's good but when Charles asks her how she is she cuts him off with a final-sounding, "Stable for now." He tries to win her back over, asking if she doesn't want anyone to know because then they would know she's an amazing superwoman and it totally works; even though she tells him it's gross fake flattery, she is clearly eating it up. He asks if she wants to know something personal and points out Reed, saying he's totally in love with her but she doesn't ever notice him and thinks his name is Charlie. He laments that no one named Charlie ever got the girl, then when Izzie smiles jokes that he's not trying to minimize her cancer, but it sucks. Despite the fact that Izzie can't imagine why anyone would like Reed, she's charmed enough that she gives him the code to the research library to soothe his broken heart.

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