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He then asks Avery if he played football in college. He did, both offense and defense, which impresses Hunt and sickens Cristina all the more. As she works on Frank, he asks if she'll bring Avery over later so that he can thank him for saving his life. Cristina can't handle it and yells, "No, I saved your life! I'm still saving it," she grumbles, but she seems less inclined to do so now.

Alex and Reed, meanwhile, are mounting the biggest pissing contest these parts have ever seen. He pages her to let her know that he ran a CT and found that their patient has an adrenal mass. She's surprised since she was waiting for lab results to run a CT, then from Alex's smirk realizes he stole the results. He's just happy he'll get a surgery out of it. The daughter comes out with more questions, quite upset, but Alex dismisses her by telling her they'll be there in a minute. She's rightly offended but doesn't say anything, and as Alex takes the film, Reed seethes. So much seething this hour.

As Lexie wheels Billy down the hall, she sees Derek and April talking in the next room. Billy catches this and tells her she has to fight back. She gripes that April is just finding her footing but Billy counters that she's found it in Lexie's back. When she asks why he cares, he says that he likes her. He's an incredibly good-natured burglar; it looks like a golf club to the spine hasn't hurt his sunny disposition. He tells Lexie to find April's open window, or her key in a fake rock. So it seems the real lesson here is that fake rocks look fake, and not to hide your keys in one. Well, that's our lesson, while Lexie's is to find April's weakness. Lexie tries to defend that she's not a criminal like he is, so he basically warns her straight up that April is making her look like an idiot.

Derek goes to visit his healing wife, and it's a nice touch that he actually closes the blinds so that they can visit without being in a fishbowl. She wants to know if he talked to any of "them," and he's amused by her attitude and kisses her. She won't be deterred, and tells him she needs to know how Cristina is doing, since she was cardio deprived and depressed earlier. He asks if both of them are in a dark and twisty place, and kisses her again. Mere says that they are, and it's yet another nice sign that they finally let this couple just be a couple that Derek knows that if Cristina is in a bad place, Mere will be there with her in solidarity. And it's a nice nod to Mere's growth in general that she can be there and fully commiserate without actually falling into a wrist-slashing place of her own.

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