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Alex goes back to his patient's room to find Hunt and Reed there, and Hunt reams him out for not noticing that his patient had neurological symptoms. Alex stammers while Reed smirks at him, and Hunt gives Reed the credit for noticing and diagnosing cartotic stenosis. He tells her to book an OR, and when Frank's daughter asks about his other surgery Hunt tells her, without sugarcoating anything, that he has a 90% blockage in his artery and that's the first thing they need to take care of, which is a lot to digest but Reed will be there to keep them updated. Wow, I hope she keeps up the stellar job she's been doing so far. As Hunt walks out Alex lamely tries to tell him since he diagnosed the tumor it's his surgery. Hunt just tells him that he can scrub in on the tumor surgery, then, but for now he's just there to help Reed. I can't decide if Hunt really hasn't picked up on the hospital-wise animosity between the two sets of doctors or if he's just ignoring it as they are all adults and it's not his job to be a babysitter and/or mediator. Alex then growls at Reed that she didn't put the symptoms in the chart, but Reed just questions innocently, "Oh, I didn't? Hmmm." The daughter narrows her eyes at them, but still says nothing.

Taking Arizona's advice, Callie is in a conference room with her dad and Father Kevin, and I don't think it's an accident that Father Kevin is at the head of the table, in between the two of them like a buffer. She admits she knows that this was a lot to spring on him, and that he doesn't have a lot of experience with gay people. She can't help but get in a dig about her single uncle, and her dad admonishes her. He's angry as she says that while it's an adjustment, he should have adjusted by now, especially because she's his daughter who he is supposed to love no matter what. He assures her he loves her but that he's scared for her, and then jumps right in, saying she's facing an eternity in Hell. I laughed out loud when Father Kevin tries to warn him, "Let's not start with words like 'hell.'" Callie's pissed, and demands to know if that's really why he flew so far to see her, but her dad is now completely wound up too and begins quoting different passages from the Bible to back up his point. He actually made notecards for the occasion, it seems. She's terribly upset, and even Father Kevin tries to stop him, but he's too far gone. Finally, Callie counters back with various sayings from Jesus himself, all about loving one another. She starts to cry and finally yells that Jesus is her savior, not her dad, and Jesus would be ashamed of him for judging her and turning his back on her. Callie always kicks ass, but this is especially amazing and also because of that, completely heartbreaking. Even though she lost her cool she made an amazing argument for herself. After she leaves, Father Kevin doesn't say anything and I feel like he's even sitting there thinking she's got a point.

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