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The Greatest Gift of All

Lexie is spending yet more quality alone time with Billy, and he continues to joke about his ongoing burglary career as she warns him about the potential complications from surgery. He assures her that they'll fix him up fine, and then gets to what he really wanted to say -- he's got a gift for her. He pulls out April's notebook, to Lexie's horror, and starts to read, "You're not just a good doctor, you're a great doctor. You're the future of medicine. Only you can keep you down." And the kicker: "No one can tell it's plastic surgery!" Lexie looks disgusted, then interested, then appalled at herself for her interest. He tosses Lex the notebook as April pokes her head in looking for it, and Lexie is only able to stammer as she hides it behind her clipboard. When Lexie pretends she can't remember what it looks like April snarks, "So much for that photographic memory," in a voice that's very different from the sickly sweet one she's been using all day. It's all Lexie needs to decide she might take advantage after all, and she tells her flatly, "Good luck finding it."

She's reading it at lunch when Alex and Cristina plop down at the table and gripe about the Mercy Westers. The story about the maniac with the hammer has spread, and Cristina indignantly defends that Avery didn't save anyone, he just did a "ninja leap" and tripped the guy. She reminds them that she used actual medicine to save someone. Lexie then tells them that she stole the notebook, and Cristina looks like she suddenly has a whole new level of respect for the Lexipedia. It's too much for her, though, and she puts it away and vows not to sink to their level. She complains about how they are vindictive and aggressive, and how that spirit could infect all of them so they have to fight it -- to which Cristina and Alex remind her that she stole the notebook. Out of real arguments, she says April's really not a nice person. Izzie then comes up with two coffees, and Alex assumes one is for him -- when they find out that it's actually for Charles, everyone gets mad at her. Izzie just acts high and mighty like she does so well, and tells them to get over their egos, and that they can't write off all of the Mercy Westers just because they feel threatened. Cristina and Alex bluster that they aren't threatened, but Lexie concedes that actually they are. Alex then looks around and realizes the only people there are in blue scrubs, because the invaders are all working. Panicked, they all get up and run back to work.

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