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Cristina runs in to find Hunt and Avery working on some mass that has formed on Frank's leg that is most likely a pseudoaneurism. He tells Avery that if that's what it is, he gets to scrub in to the surgery. Avery gives Cristina a sly look and thanks Hunt, which is the last straw. She pulls Hunt aside and he tells her simply that Avery was there and she wasn't. He turns to walk away, but Cristina screams his name, silencing everyone for a second. She shakes off his confused touch of her shoulder, and yells at him for prioritizing based on some random code. I don't think it's random -- I think it's a) who is there and also b) he might be overcompensating a bit to look like he's not playing favorites with his girlfriend. Maybe that's just me, though. He tells her that it's just one surgery but her will is broken and she slumps off, telling him to forget it.

Charles is bragging to April and Reed that Izzie will do whatever he asks, that he's got the code to the research library, and that overall, "It's like I have my own surgical bitch." Their nasty giggles are replaced quickly and April clears her throat but it's too late, Izzie heard it all. He at least looks genuinely shocked and embarrassed, but it's far too little too late. Izzie motions to hand him his coffee but when he reaches for it, she drops it on his feet. The other two slink away like cowards.

Arizona finds Callie sobbing amid a sea of Kleenex, sad to realize that it didn't go well. Callie tells her that now she can move on and stop thinking about reconciling with her family, which just sounds awful, and she's torn up about it. Arizona just puts her arm around and holds her as Callie continues that she doesn't need a father who won't accept his daughter.

Alex is working on his patient when he starts mumbling gibberish. As his daughter gets a little panicky, Alex checks him out and then tells Reed they have to hold off on the surgery. Reed brushes him off as pathetic but Alex argues that he just said "weird crap" and that means something is wrong on his left side of the brain, not the right like they thought. They start to outright argue about what is more likely until finally his daughter yells at them and breaks it up. She admonishes them for their deplorable behavior, and points out that all day they've only been happy when they think the other one is wrong. She has to remind them that their patient is her father, and that they are supposed to be healers. Both look suitably shamed; Alex tells her they will run more tests, in a much more polite tone than before, and Reed apologizes for both of them.

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