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As has been popular this season, this week's episode starts during a Seattle night. Derek and Meredith are asleep when his pager goes off, and after Mere groggily hands it to him he reads the screen, sighs, and gets up. Mere is back on voiceover duty and begins, "It's impossible to describe the panic that comes over you when you're a surgeon and your pager goes off in the middle of the night."

Arizona and Callie are also asleep when a pager goes off, and Arizona sits up in confusion and panic, then quietly begs for it to not be hers. Mere: "Your heart starts to race. Your mind freezes. Your fingers go numb. You're invested. They're someone's mom, someone's dad, someone's kid, and now it's on you, because that someone's life is in your hands." Arizona is happy to see that it's not hers, and when she wakes up Callie, she literally rolls out of bed and crashes onto the floor out of surprise. It's a dumb slapstick moment because seriously, how many people above the age of, say, four, even do that? Of course as Callie is checking it, Arizona's pager then goes off too.

Once at the hospital, Hunt sends Arizona to Alex, and takes Callie with him to see a 15-year-old who fell off a roof. On their way to the room the girl's mom stops them and begs to know if her daughter will be okay. Hunt brushes her off as politely as possible to keep talking to Callie, who is annoyed that she was called in at 4 AM for some broken bones. Hunt, like he's presenting her with a gift, gleefully tells her it's more like 50 bones, and opens the door to show a girl with a bone sticking out of her wrist, and legs that look as bruised and lumpy as a sack of stones. Just how tall is her house?? Because while I'm sure you can get hurt badly by falling off of a roof, this seems a little extreme. Mere reminds us, "As surgeons, we're always investing in our patients."

Alex and Arizona, meanwhile, have a patient named Laura who is 30 weeks pregnant and was in a car accident. She appears to have a subdural hematoma and Alex says that Derek is on his way in, but these two need to take care of the baby right now as it is in distress. Arizona directs the ultrasound and realizes that the baby's brain is hemorrhaging and they have to do a c-section right away while Derek works on the mom.

"But when your patient is a child, you're not just invested, you're responsible." Really, you aren't responsible if the patient is an adult? That seems extreme. Callie and Arizona both run out with their patients on gurneys, heading for the only ready OR. They argue about who is more urgent but Arizona wins by default when a nurse opens a door and Callie nearly runs her patient into it. I guess it's not like she could break any more bones, right? Fortunately they don't actually crash, and Callie orders the nurse to get another OR ready. Mere finishes her thought so that doctors seem a little less biased towards just saving the lives of children: Responsible for whether or not that child survives, has a future -- and that's enough to terrify anyone."

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