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The page turned out to be for Wallace, and Arizona has him back in the OR. The shaky camera work plays up just how urgent it is, and as they work frantically the Chief comes in demanding to know what happened. Arizona yells that Wallace is in septic shock since his body was too unstable for surgery, which is what she said in the first place. Richard offers to help but Arizona, no tears this time when standing up to him, yells that he can't help because as long as he stares at her, "I feel like I'm operating on a stack of dollar bills." She reminds him she needs to be invested in the child, not the bills, and yells, "So get the hell out of my OR." While I don't like what seems to be the end for Wallace, that was extremely satisfying.

Richard and Jennings are in the waiting room when Arizona and Charles come out, and when Richard asks how it went, Arizona just shakes her head. Jennings swears and throws down his magazine, but Richard is clearly still feeling his talking-to and assures Arizona they will let the Andersons know she did everything she could. He's probably as worried about the millions just like Jennings, but he seems at least to have learned how to present himself around Arizona, if nothing else. Charles is confused that they won't be talking to the parents, so Arizona explains that as far as everyone is concerned, she just killed Wallace and is a liability, because if his parents asked for the truth she'd say that she did kill him and that they should in fact sue because she is responsible. Jennings has the gall to at first seem pissed off about Arizona's attitude, but when she smoothly adds that saying that isn't in the best interest in the hospital, and asks if Jennings agrees, he quickly says they are on the same page. Arizona nods and leaves, while the Chief appears to Think.

The next morning, Cristina is hanging out at Mere's before work and griping to her about the incident of the day before, and how what she did was awesome. Mere is finally dressed and on top of the covers and I must say, looks fabulous. Pregnancy agreed with Ellen Pompeo and I hope she doesn't rush back into being rail skinny again because she's positively glowing now. Meredith the character is also glowing as she tells Cristina that Hunt cares about her. Cristina's not thrilled to hear that her best friends understand his side, that even though she's dying to get back to work and cut, Cristina did in fact do something unauthorized and if anything had gone wrong, her career would be over. Mere is giggly about the fact that Hunt's caring shows that he's in love with her. Cristina gripes that she hates married, happy Meredith, but married, happy Meredith just giggles and sends her off to work, warning, "Don't cut anybody open without permission!" I think those are words to live every day by, really.

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