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"But if you take that chance, if you invest wisely, the payoff might just surprise you." Arizona gets home and walks through a sea of gifts and balloons to find Callie, in a sexy little number, asleep on the couch. Callie wakes when Arizona puts her keys down, having not meant to fall asleep, and cheerfully tells Arizona she has hats, gifts, donuts and lingerie. The donuts are the best thing of all, since she knows Arizona eats them when she's upset, and it's more thoughtful than anything else she could have done, or unfortunately tried to do. Arizona watches her with a smile and finally just says happily, "I love you." Callie's face goes completely serious as she asks, "You do?" Arizona tells her, "I do," and as we fade to white for the week, Callie quietly tells her, "I love you too." Kudos to the show for not making us wait for that, and for letting these two so far remain a functional, awesome couple who can work through problems. May Cristina and Owen have the same luck!

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