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Bank of Arizona

The next morning, Callie is making breakfast for half of the hospital staff in her and Cristina's apartment. Lexie and Mark are there, as well as Arizona and Hunt, and the topic of the moment is the 25 million dollars, and Arizona points out that while she knew the family had money, this is Money-money. Callie thinks it's awesome, Mark is jealous that no one has given him that kind of money and thinks kids give an unfair advantage, and after Hunt and Cristina come out to each get their personalized breakfast order, Arizona declares it cool. Lexie, whose sole purpose of appearing on rounds was to drop this particular bomb, says that it's the best birthday gift ever. Callie's not thrilled that Lexie knows it's Arizona's birthday when she had no idea, and even though Arizona protests that she thinks they are no big deal and never celebrates, Callie is miffed. I think it's really weird that they are at the point where they are girlfriends in a committed relationship and Callie has never asked when her birthday is -- seriously, how is that possible? It's unrealistic, but important to the plot. Arizona maintains she's happier about the money than her birthday, and leaves for work. Once she's gone, Callie asks if Arizona was downplaying things, and thinks she has to do something since this is her girlfriend. Hunt and Lexie agree while Cristina votes no, and Mark just keeps reading his paper until his girlfriend suggests a surprise party. He jumps in to say it's a bad idea: "Surprise parties are hostile. They're dark. People jump out and scream at you; they never come to any good." Cristina nods in earnest agreement but the others all just look at him like he must have a doozy of a surprise party story in his past.

Alex walks in to the hospital and the Chief calls over to him, but when Derek comes over and wishes him a good morning, Richard pouts that Alex should find him when he's free and stalks off. Alex asks what just happened and Derek explains that he was fired but he keeps coming to work and saying hi -- refusing to be fired. As Derek also appears to keep having surgeries scheduled, Richard has obviously tacitly agreed to the non-firing, so maybe he shouldn't act so bitchy and immature about it all. He keeps reminding everyone he's B.M.O.C. so he should either fire Derek and stick with it or stop pouting, but I just don't see that happening anytime soon. Derek asks if there's any word from Izzie and when Alex reports no, he assures the younger doc that, "They'll come around when they come around." Between Izzie and the Chief, I think they could both spitefully hold out forever, but good for Derek for being optimistic.

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