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Alex then finds Richard, who claims he doesn't want to dump this on Alex but then proceeds to literally dump a thick file on him. These are Izzie's unpaid medical bills -- she has no forwarding address and Alex is next of kin, so they are his problem. Alex is super confused as they work at the hospital, but Richard tells him that insurance doesn't cover everything. I know that you do what you do to get healthy, but did both Alex and Izzie really not have any idea of what was covered and what wasn't? Wouldn't he at least be aware that there would be bills, even if he didn't realize just how bad they really were? Do I ask more questions than most people when getting into a relationship and also when receiving medical treatments? It seems so. Richard tells him that with the merger he is under financial pressure and so couldn't put off the bill-dumping any longer. As Alex flips through the papers, Reed looks on, having heard everything.

Bailey also has a baby in the NICU, so she can conveniently make conversation with Arizona and Alex throughout the day. Arizona tells Alex that there was more bleeding overnight, and when Alex suggests a course of action she tells him they should try anything, seemingly at a bit of a loss of what might actually help at this point. She orders and MRI and tells Alex to page her if there are problems. Reed is working with Bailey, which she uses as a total opportunity to talk to Alex -- she lies badly that she just happened to see that Alex had labs waiting and so she picked them up for him. He doesn't react and she is clearly a slow learner, so she asks if he's okay and admits she overheard the bill stuff. Alex reacts just as anyone who knew him for more than five minutes would expect, and barks at her that he's trying to save a baby's life and shoos her away. Has she really absorbed nothing about his personality yet?

Arizona goes into Wallace's room and his mom quietly tells her that he had a bad night. Wallace hears them and tries to get up to go on rounds, but when his mom shakes her head, Arizona convinces him to rest and tells him they can do evening rounds together. He's bummed, but he crawls back into bed and his mom then performs what is clearly a little ritual for them, waving her hands over him as she softly says, "Bad dreams, bad dreams go away, good dreams, good dreams here to stay." She repeats it twice and then gets distracted when Charles walks in, but Wallace sleepily reminds her she has to do it three times for it to work. As she smiles down at him and finishes, Arizona pulls Charles aside and has him run some extra tests to make sure they aren't missing something.

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