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The Sound of Silence

Richard is wheeling Adele down the hall; it's the day of her Alzheimer's trial surgery, and fortunately today she recognizes Meredith and has a good time having Richard fuss over her. After the nurse takes her away to get her ready, Meredith tells him the schedule and assures him not to worry. When she turns to leave, Richard calls after her and thanks her genuinely for everything that she's done. Mere tries to brush it off and tells him that it was just circumstances changing, but Richard won't let her get away with that and reminds her that she was the first one to catch the problem and that she looked after Adele from then on. She's starting to stoop a little under the weight of all the... is it guilt she's feeling? I'm not sure why, since she really was the person to do the absolute most for Adele from the very beginning. Is it the Ellis confusion? Is it that she wouldn't let Derek compromise the trial and let her in earlier when she didn't quite qualify? Whatever it is, though, it's powerful, and she looks nauseated as Richard tells her that he's realized all he wants is to be with Adele, and Meredith has given him the best chance to be able to do that.

Alex seems to have somehow managed to make his project work despite Doris' death, and the kids are arriving that night. He's running around a little manically, assigning each doctor a child and handing over a folder of information on each one. He freaks out when Cristina and Jackson seem to have forgotten about the whole thing, but Lexie looks happy for him and appears to chalk up his behavior to general nerves. Arizona then walks up and gives him a huge hug, congratulating him on making this all happen. When she walks away, Lexie watches as Alex's face falls and he frantically runs to a garbage can to vomit. He then meekly admits that he is in tons of trouble.

It's not clear how the ball started rolling, since he only had a couple of hours of thinking he had the money from Doris. But however it did, it rolled all the way to Fraudtown. Lexie is looking at piles and piles of bills while Alex moans that he had just asked people for things and that they actually said yes; he paid for as much as he could until he maxed out his credit cards, and then he started telling people he'd pay them when they arrived, or that they could just send him the bills, or the like. He thinks that he couldn't just say sorry, there's a lack of funds, so the dying kids need to stay at home. Lexie, on the other hand, thinks that is just what he could, and should, have said. Seriously -- why was he asking for things? Was it because of the pressure of the Chief Resident race? Or was he really the fastest mover and shaker at the whole hospital, who started putting this plan in place the second Doris dismissed him from her room with a promise of money? Lexie continues to gape at the bills and she points out "You've actually grifted people!" He declares that he can't do this, and while Lexie's back is turned, he up and flees the room. This is why he went to med school and not business school, I guess.

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