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The Sound of Silence

She walks out to find Lexie and Alex arguing -- Alex doesn't care about the letter since he assumes it's just more trouble and he finally tries to rip it up, but Lexie stops him by yelling that it's a check for $200,000 from Doris' estate. Wow, I guess she works as fast as Alex does and changed her will lickety-split after their non-negotiation. Alex actually starts to cry with happiness as he calls Doris, "that bitch," super affectionately. Lexie beams as she watches him. Are we setting these two up again? I'm suspicious.

A nurse brings in envelope 122, and when Mere pulls open the info to reveal that it contains the active agent, Derek lets out a happy little exclamation. Meredith tries to pretend she's glad, and her mask is fortunately hiding most of her face, but her body language is radiating guilt. More dramatic music swells as Derek injects the stolen medicine into Adele's brain.

Sofia's parents are all gathered around her in the nursery, cooing over her intense cuteness, and Callie decides she doesn't want to go home until the baby can too. She figures this is going to be a while yet but Stark just nonchalantly says that Sofia can go too. April overhears and is witness as Stark tells them that normally he wouldn't allow it but since Sofia will be going home with three doctors, it's fine, and she just needs to pass the infant carrier test first where she sits for one hour in a carrier with no apnea or similar horrors. Mark runs to fetch the carrier and Arizona kisses Stark on the cheek and thanks him.

He walks over to the desk where April is working and she sneaks a look at him and tells him that people are now talking about how kind and compassionate he is, and how glad she is that they are getting to know the Robert that she got to know. Stark may be feeling charitable towards his patients but he doesn't want to hear this from April and he purses his lips and informs her that, "It's 'Dr. Stark." It stings her, and she immediately gets back to work as he walks away.

Henry is in his apartment lighting some candles when there is a knock at the door; it seems that he finally realized that he and Teddy were having her only good dates these days and he's ready to kick it up a notch. But when he answers the door and asks how her date went, it turns out that it's going awesome and that she's actually still on it and just came by to check on him and bring him some of the pasta he loves. He's embarrassed, and holds the door so that she can't see the set table. She still feels a little bit awkward but Henry insists she should go, and so she turns and skips happily away. Poor Henry closes the door and sighs in the candlelight. I think that Teddy might be a giant fool...

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