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The Sound of Silence

Meredith and Derek are working on another Alzheimer's patient, Ed, who is hooked into the now-familiar halo for his familiar-but-still-horrifying awake surgery. His pulse starts to go up and then alarms start to ring as he yells, "Not again!" Derek and Mere jump into action and start doing chest compressions as Mere wonders what on earth just happened.

Whatever happened, it didn't end well for Ed, who is wheeled out of the OR under a sheet while Meredith and Derek talk to Richard. He was fine before surgery and didn't appear to have a history of heart problems, so they have no idea what's up. Derek plans to file a report with the FDA, and Meredith wonders if the FDA could shut them down. In that ever-so-slightly haughty way of his, Derek declares that it doesn't matter, because he's going to shut the trial down himself until they can figure out what happened and why they didn't anticipate it.

After talking Callie down from her panic attack, Cristina goes off to find Dr. Stark; it seems she might not be the worst godmother in the world after all as she is trying to get him to allow Callie to see Sofia, thinking it would be good for both of them. Stark totally won't permit it until Sofia is off a ventilator and has an immune system. That seems fair enough, actually. He adds that he's all for mother-baby bonding but not when it might kill the baby. However, the sneering tone he uses when he spits out "bonding" seems to indicate that he finds the whole idea to be nonsense. He may have a heart now, but it still seems to be a tiny one that doesn't have much room inside for anything other than his own interests. With one parting shot about Cristina's doctoring skills he walks off, and we see that Avery has been witness to the whole scene. Cristina just thinks a moment, and then tells Avery she needs his help.

Since Ed's packet of maybe-medicine was never opened, Mere takes it back to the pharmacy and gets there just as the pharmacist is leaving. Mere tells her that she's got patient 122's packet (remember this for later, though you'll also hear it a few more times to make sure you don't miss it) and so the woman turns back to the locked door and REALLY OBVIOUSLY punches in the security combination to unlock it. I mean seriously, there might as well have been cartoon neon arrows pointing as she reached over, leaving a wide, clear line of sight for Meredith to see what the code is. Why not just write it on masking tape and stick it over the handle, if you're going to be so indiscreet about it? Once she goes inside we get a long shot of Meredith's overly-nonchalant face so that we have absolutely no doubt that she just happens to know the code now.

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