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The Sound of Silence

The others then wheel Callie up to a window, and April and Alex run inside and pull on pink gowns. They lift the blinds and then wheel over Sofia's incubator. Only then does Callie seem to get what is going on and she smiles and starts to cry as she sees her baby for the first time. The others move away to give her some privacy and she manages to lift one finger to the glass, like she's stroking her beakless chicken, and tells Sofia tenderly that she's banged up too but they are both going to be fine. Sofia then actually turns her tiny head like she can sense that her mom is there.

Meredith finds Derek in his office and discuss Ed; it turns out his family opted not to say anything about his history of heart problems. Derek seems more sad than mad and defends that they did it because they needed to get in the trial. He tells Meredith to re-screen everyone else while they wait to hear back from the FDA, and he's going to work on finding a new patient 122. Meredith suggests Adele but Derek thinks she's not progressed enough to be a good candidate. In reply, Meredith shows him the mystery Post-It that fell off of Richard's sweater that morning. It says: "This is Richard. Richard is your husband." (Punctuation added by me for clarity.) Meredith's face is concerned, while Derek just looks resigned and even sadder than before. Working on an Alzheimer's trial certainly isn't for the faint of heart.

Sofia is now 5 weeks, 2 days old and a robust 2 lbs, 8 oz, and appears to be breathing on her own.

Arizona is coaching someone else to try and breathe -- Callie's physical therapist, who is having a fit over how uncooperative and insulting Callie is. Arizona tries to calm him but Callie snarks that he's a wuss and Arizona should let him go, so the guy happily takes his leave. Callie is struggling to hold up a ball as Arizona reminds her this is the third therapist she's gone through this month, but Callie informs Arizona that they don't push her hard enough. They start to argue with Arizona again reminding her that she's recovering from a traumatic brain injury, but Callie just points out that Arizona wants her wife walking, not wheeling, down the aisle at their wedding. What Arizona wants, though, is just for Callie to be healed. At that moment Callie drops the ball, which is the last straw. She yells and kicks over her walker, and then after a moment of trying to compose herself she admits the truth behind her fervor: everyone can hold the baby but her, and the baby won't put her life on hold until Callie gets better. Arizona quietly says she's sorry, and at Callie's request goes to get the balls for her to keep working.

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