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The Sound of Silence

Meanwhile, Callie is pushing Cristina through the hospital on a gurney, and even though it seems to be a bit of a struggle and she's sweating a river, she's grinning and decides she can do one more lap. It turns out that Cristina is her new physical therapist, mainly because Cristina will listen to Callie. Translated, it means that Cristina will let Callie do whatever she likes. As she rides along Cristina is looking at Teddy's charts and griping about all of the surgeries she is missing, but claims that by reading the charts she is just preparing herself for when Teddy comes crawling back to her. As they ride past Mere Callie orders her to jump on too, and Mere fills Cristina in on Adele's situation. They run into Lexie and Alex who are having an argument about his trying to get money out of his dying patient. Alex, of course, doesn't care about the sketchy ethics of it all if the money winds up doing some kids good. Callie is struggling a little, but she's got her face screwed up in determination when Arizona comes up and shoos all the others away. She tells Callie that Sofia needs surgery, which freaks Callie out. But what freaks out Callie even more is when she's struck with a pain in her stomach and realizes that she's bleeding through her shirt. She faints in Arizona's arms while Arizona yells for some help.

Bailey is handling Callie's surgery, and Cristina is helping out and beating herself up for not making Callie stop; considering she seemed to be paying extremely little attention to Callie while she "worked out" I'm surprised at how utterly sincere her distress seems to be. Bailey assures her that she has been telling Callie to slow down for weeks, but that she just refuses to listen. Mark is also in the room, on the phone talking to Arizona so that they can update each other on the simultaneous surgeries. Stark tells Arizona that her talking is distracting but it turns out that he just wants her to be quieter, not to hang up. If Arizona's mouth wasn't hidden by her mask, my guess is that it would be gaping open at this display of honest-to-goodness humanity.

Alex has managed to get his hands on photos of the sick African children, and he's sitting in Doris' room showing them to her while she complains loudly. He just keeps holding up different pictures, each one cuter than the last, pretending to have them beg for help until she finally tires of it completely and begins to yell at him and threaten his job. Alex continues with the pictures while she tries to call a nurse, and then she finally hollers at him to get out, and that she never wants to see his face again. It sounds like she's actually serious this time, and he leaves.

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