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The Sound of Silence

Mark narrates Callie's surgery, which is going perfectly. Sofia's surgery is unfortunately not going so well. Somethingorother rips, and Stark works away urgently to try and fix it. As Mark demands to know what's happening Bailey and Cristina look up at him as he turns and bolts from the room.

He finds Arizona crying in the hallway and he imagines the worst, but it turns out she's too scared to be in there. He goes inside and then comes out and fetches her; inside Stark tells them that Sofia almost bled out but he fixed her up and now everything looks great.

Lexie seems to have inherited Doris from Alex, but it turns out that Doris missed her sparring partner and has Alex paged to come help roll her over instead of Lexie, the "ham-fisted twit." He goes to help her but then stops, thinks a moment, and tells her it will cost her $100,000. Lexie is aghast and tries to tell Doris that he's joking, but then Doris counters with an offer of $50K. Lexie watches them go back and forth and looks like her brain might short-circuit with all of the flagrant rule-breaking and inappropriate conduct going on in front of her. Alex doesn't back off the $100,000 figure and informs Doris that he's not negotiating. She sneers at him that he shouldn't pretend to be smart, and he sneers back that she shouldn't pretend to be poor. I don't think that's what she was doing so much as fully admitting to being a miser, but it doesn't make for as witty banter. She coughs into her oxygen mask and then finally agrees, ordering Alex to come and roll her over.

So... does Teddy actually still work at the hospital? Because Cristina hasn't seen her in a month, and from what we've seen this hour she appears to spend her time on bad dates or making house calls to Henry. This night finds them talking on the phone until she gets to the front door and they can continue to be cute in person over a foil dish of leftover pasta.

Meredith is working on a computer when an elated Alex walks by and tells her that drinks are on him after work, since he just scored himself a cool hundred grand. Meredith is almost as appalled as Lexie but Alex just grins and tells her that good things come when you break the rules. He gets a page and his face drops; he starts yelling, "No!" and sprints away and into Doris' room just in time to hear Lexie call her time of death. He actually goes to the woman's body and shakes her shoulders but she's really, truly, all dead. He cries about losing the money, but Lexie can't seem to work up much sympathy for him, especially when she sees him call Doris a bitch for the last time.

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