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The Sound of Silence

Mere finds Adele sitting in the waiting area and walks over to say hello. Adele explains that Richard is finishing up and admits that he doesn't like to see her go home alone. Everything sounds normal, and Mere asks if she can sit down a moment. Adele seems slightly on edge at this and finally, when Meredith asks her how she is feeling, things start to get a little bit weird. She asks if Meredith really wants to know and Meredith says she knows it is hard, at least from what she knows from her side of things. But while Meredith has been talking about Alzheimer's, Adele has been talking about forbidden love. She cries that she thought she could handle it and that it would get better... but she then starts to plead with Meredith, asking if she is in love with Richard. Meredith is shaken to realize that Adele thinks she is Ellis and therefore in the throes of an affair with Adele's husband. She tries to tell Adele that she's Ellis' daughter but Adele doesn't react and finally Mere just assures her that Richard is all hers. Sorry, folks, I've got nothing remotely amusing to say about these scenes. They are positively heartbreaking. This episode as a whole really isn't going to go down as one of Grey's Anatomy's feel-good hours.

Sofia reaches 12 weeks old and 5 lbs, 8 oz, and has turned into an absolutely adorably, wriggly, cuddly baby. I think my ovaries just kicked into double-time. Callie finally has the strength and coordination to pick her up and they look like they could be any new mother and baby at the hospital. Bailey walks up to visit them and Callie fears that she's going to be sent back to bed, but Bailey actually wants to send her home. Callie looks so flabbergasted that Bailey has to quickly warn her not to drop the baby. Now THAT would make this officially the most depressing episode ever. Fortunately, Callie's grip is firm. She's confused and honestly a little bit afraid but Bailey assures her that she's doing well and can hold the baby, so it's time. Callie finally lets herself be happy but after a moment of cooing to Sofia about their going home she realizes that Bailey was actually only talking about her.

Finally, someone realized that an Airstream shouldn't be parked across five parking spots in a hospital parking lot, and Alex has just enough time to grab his papers before the police tow it away to make up for all the unpaid parking tickets. Interestingly, they leave the wooden front stoop just sitting in the parking lot, and Alex doesn't seem to care about it, either. Is it really a good idea, leaving an obstacle in the middle of the lot where presumably sick and injured people are going to be shuffling? Doris may be too dead to sue, but someone else might not be.

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