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It's The End Of The World (1)

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It's The End Of The World (1)
, that everything's going to be fine. He summons Mere over to him, and he lowers his voice to a near-whisper. "I want you to walk out of this room. Walk. Don't run. Go tell the charge nurse that we have a Code Black. Tell him that I am sure. And then tell him to call the bomb squad." Druuuuuuuum beeeeeeats! Commercials. Jesus CHRIST.

We return to Burke kicking everyone out of the OR, and ordering them off the floor. Mere tells him he needs a surgical team. Burke says all he needs is Dr. Milton to keep James under, and he can do the rest. Mere ain't leaving, and Burke relents. "Fine, but you wait by the elevator. When the bomb squad arrives, we'll take it from there. Now, go."

Bailey's Room of Contractions. Addison coaches her through a particularly bad one, and says there's no shame in an epidural. George announces that they're eight minutes apart. Bailey refuses, saying she can handle a little pain -- women all over the world do it at home with nothing but a pair of scissors and a bucket of hot water. Hee. George: "Women all over the world also die giving birth at home, every single day." Bailey and Addison stare. George realizes what he's done, all, "I did not just say that!" Bailey reminds him that he's supposed to be making himself useful and finding her husband. Addie jumps in, totally not obviously. "Oh, he's!" Bailey knows something's up. She says he should be here by now. Addison says they're going to go find him right now, right, Dr. O'Malley? George is on it. Er, "it." Addison's pager goes off, and there's that drum beat again. Bailey asks what it is; Addison says it's nothing, she'll be right back. Meanwhile, McDreamy's pager goes off in surgery. He asks Cristina to check it, then tells Izzie to go find Addison and tell her that Tucker's in worse shape than he thought. Man. Cristina gets off the phone and tells McDreamy, "They want us to evacuate. Your pager said Code Black?" McDreamy stops short. "You sure they said that?" Cristina is sure. McDreamy talks to himself, saying it could be a drill, but even if it's not he can't evacuate -- he's got an open brain on the table. None of the poor interns have any idea what's going on. McDreamy tells the room that anyone who wants to go should do it now. No one moves, clearly confused. McDreamy turns back to Cristina. "You sure they said 'Code Black'?" Cristina says yes.

Cut to George in the elevator with Addison, who's looking mighty grim. George's pager goes off, and he asks, "Code Black? What's Code Black?" Izzie gets on the elevator and tells Addie what McDreamy said about Tucker. George asks Izzie what a Code Black is just as her pager goes off with the same message. Addison says nothing. George and Izzie are all, "Dr. Shepherd?" Addison tells them to go back to their locker room and wait for their resident to give them instructions. Why won't she just TELL them, damn! Izzie says they don't have a resident. "What's going on, is it something bad?" The elevator doors open to mayhem and policemen and the bomb squad. Addie: "Yeah, it's something bad." I'll say.

James's OR of Destruction. Dr. Milton pumps an ambu bag while Hannah tries to keep it together. "So...I'm touching live, unexploded ammunition?" Burke says he's afraid so. Everything is quiet except for the sound of the bag pumping air into James's lungs. Hannah asks why he's not on the machine anymore. Burke explains that the flow of oxygen from the ventilator was a danger, and the ambu bag is breathing for him now. Hannah starts looking a little wild. "What if I just...take my hand out really quickly?" Burke says they'll ask the bomb squad when they arrive, but he's guessing that would cause the ammo to shift and explode. He says this in the nicest possible way, but it's still fucked up. Milton keeps pumping the bag, looking a little nuts himself. Hannah's eyes well up with tears, and I just want to say now in case I forget that Christina Ricci is rocking this role. Also, she looks better than she has in years, and I'm not just saying that because people used to call me Wednesday Addams. Burke tells Hannah that her hand is keeping James from bleeding out, and she's the one keeping him alive. Hannah nods somberly. "Right. But...and the bomb squad is coming?" Oh, Hannah. Burke assures her that the bomb squad is coming.

Out in the pit, Izzie and George sit forlornly against a wall, watching all the action around them. George hands Izzie half a sandwich and tells her to eat something. Izzie: "I knew Meredith and Cristina would be out on the floor." George says the fact that they're jealous because Mere and Cris might blow up and die is not a reflection on their character. Hee. Izzie says she feels useless. George adds that they're useless and ineffectual; they couldn't even get Mere out of bed this morning without calling Cristina. Izzie says she thinks Meredith and Cristina are doers. "They do, and we? We watch. We're watchers." George sighs. Izzie spots Alex down on the floor taking care of business, and decides that she and George need to become doers. George agrees, and when Izzie gets up and walks off, calls after her, "Starting right now? Okay!"

Izzie is being a doer in more than one sense of the word, as we'll soon see. She finds Alex, who's getting coffee and saying it's like the apocalypse out there. Izzie shuts him up by giving him the bedroom eyes and yelling, "ALEX!" Cut to the doer and her doee, getting it on in the on-call room. No drum beats here! Izzie commands him to take off his pants. He's all, "What? Wait, what?" Izzie strips off her shirt. "Alex. I haven't had sex in eight months and twelve days. I'm horny, I'm half-naked, and I'm saying yes. You want to stand there, or you want to literally. Take off. YOUR PANTS." Haaaa! I love it. I heard some of you thought this was a tacky move on Izzie's part, and to you I say: Shut up, you watchers, and TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS.

Cute Bomb Squad Guy (a.k.a. Kyle Chandler) interrupts McDreamy's surgery to tell him that he needs everyone to evacuate now. McDreamy says he's got a guy whose brain is exposed on this table, and he's not gonna walk away and leave him to die. He tells the rest of his team they can go, which they do. We get a shot of Tucker's exposed brain, and McDreamy keeps working. Kyle tells McDreamy to do whatever he has to do to get him closed up and out of there, as the Chief of Surgery has authorized him to tell McDreamy he cannot stay here. McDreamy: "The Chief of Surgery doesn't scare me. Dr. Bailey scares me. I'm not going to be the one to let her husband die, and that's what would happen if I put this skull flap on, in this condition. Bomb or no bomb. Now get out of my OR." Hooray! McDreamy wins.

Addie checks on Bailey, who's now nine centimeters dilated. She says she just needs that last centimeter. Addie distractedly says that's good and turns her back on Bailey, pretending to look at her chart. Bailey asks Addison, "Dr. Shepherd. Exactly where is my husband?" Addie turns around with tears in her eyes. "He's...with my husband." We get an outside shot of the room as Addison tells Bailey what's happened. Bailey hangs her head, and we cut to...

Kyle and Burke looking at James's chest X-ray, complete with the ammo and Hannah's hand pictured there. Kyle says they need more information. Burke says the longer they wait, the greater the chance he'll bleed out and die.

Back in the OR with James, Dr. Milton gets ready to freak Hannah right the eff out. He starts the crazy off with "Pink mist. That's what the bomb squad calls you when you blow up." Hannah says nothing, possibly hoping this is all some kind of terrible dream and she's going to wake up just fine in Bobby Ewing's shower. Milton goes on to explain that, when you blow up, your body explodes into a million pieces; you're liquid, and there's nothing left but flecks of human flesh and blood. Hannah's eyes widen, and she looks away from the nutbird anesthesiologist pumping the ambu bag right next to her. He can't s

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