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It's The End Of The World (1)

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It's The End Of The World (1)
top talking, though: "Pink mist. Sometimes they don't even find a finger. One minute you're a person...the next you're bloody rain." Well, thank you for that, Dr. Milton. Suddenly, Milton gestures to the ambu bag. "Here, take this." Oh, NO. Hannah's all, "What? Uh, okay?" Milton tells her he wants her to squeeze it in even beats. She starts pumping, and he corrects her not to go too fast. "There you go." Poor Hannah stands there squeezing the bag as Milton backs slowly out of the room. Bastard! Realization dawns on Hannah just as Milton reaches the door of the OR. He looks back at her and says simply, "I've got kids." Hannah gasps, and then Milton utters the creepiest words ever said in the creepiest way anyone's ever said them. "Even beats." Gaaaaah! He turns and walks out. Commercials.

Webber confers with Screamer and James's re-enactment friend. He tells them that the bomb squad is assessing the situation, and they'll know something soon. James's friend starts saying how sorry he is, but Screamer cuts him off. "Shut up! We've got three kids, and you've got him building bazookas!" She starts crying again and wails, "Oh Gooooood! He's gonna dieeeeeee!" Hey, Screamer. How about YOU shut up? Thanks. Webber tells the friend to go with the officers so they can get more information, and asks Alex to get Screamer a cup of coffee. Yes, if by "coffee" you mean "thirty-seven Valium, a horse tranquilizer, and a big old dose of SHUT IT." She doesn't. I hate my life.

George checks in on Bailey, who is pacing around her room. She tells George to help her with her suitcase, because she's going home. George is like, "Uh, Dr. Bailey, you're having a baby." Bailey wheels on him as viciously as she can with her pregnant self and tells him there's not going to be any baby born today, does he understand? "I'm holding it IN. I'll have him tomorrow. Just not now, not like this. NO." She starts to cry, and I cannot take it. "I'm going home! I'm going home right now!" George doesn't know what to do as Bailey holds on to the bed while another contraction hits. "I can't," she sobs. "I can't do this without my husband, I can't do this alone." She is mostly talking to herself, and calms down by repeating "okay, okay, okay" in a whisper. IT IS BREAKING MY HEART.

Mere and Cristina look through the window at Burke and Kyle with their X-rays. Cristina wanders over to the OR where Hannah is now alone. She tells Mere with alarm that her hand is shaking. Mere walks over and they look in together. "Is she squeezing that ambu bag by herself?" "Where is Dr. Milton?" Yes, and vamoosed, girls. Hannah looks like she is about to go down for the count, barely holding on to the ambu bag as she tries to squeeze it in goddamned even beats. Mere opens the door gently and asks her where Milton went. "Um. He left." She's really freaking out, and says she thinks she's going to take her hand out now. Not okay, Hannah! We cut to Burke and Kyle, still trying to figure out what to do. Kyle tells him that they found out the device is homemade, which means it's unstable and very unreliable. Burke's like, "Yeah, it's definitely as bad as it seems." You think? Kyle says something, but it's undercut by Cristina screaming for help from outside. Burke runs into the OR, where that darn Hannah is still intent on removing her hand. Mere tries to calm her down, telling her she can do this. Hannah is not having any of it. She shakes her head frantically and cries, "No, no, no. I just want to take it out, okay? I'm just going to take it out." Burke tries to reason with her, saying she's the only one keeping James from bleeding out. Hannah doesn't care. "I am twenty-two years old. I should not even be in here! This is some kind of mistake." Kyle says they need to clear the room, but Mere says she's not leaving her. Everything gets really loud, with Burke arguing with Kyle and Mere telling Hannah she can do it and Hannah saying she can't. The music swells as Hannah loses her mind in earnest and everyone tries to stop her. "I have to!" she screams, then slips her hand out and runs from the room. Everyone hits the floor but Meredith, who looks at Hannah's bloody handprint on the jamb and watches the door close in slow motion. Cristina gets up first, and looks over at Meredith. She's replaced Hannah's hand with her own and looks about thisclose to vomiting. Cristina can't say anything but "Oh, Meredith." Burke and Kyle stand up too, gaping in horror. Kyle tells everyone to stay exactly where they are, as if they're going somewhere now. "Just gonna run down and get a Diet Coke! …No?" Mere closes her eyes and starts chanting softly, "What did I do, what did I do, what did I do, what did I do?" And oh my God, you'll never guess what happens next.

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