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Bailey's working on Rick's appendix, and comments to Meredith that it makes no sense to her to jump out of a plane of one's own free will just to try to cheat death. Meredith, as conversationally as if she's discussing lunch, tells her that there's a "clarity thing" when someone crosses over, and that everything melts away and you become fearless. Oh. My. Goodness. We. Know. Already.

With a giant brace on her shoulder, Jackie wakes up from surgery and her first words are, "Did I win?" Callie ignores this and tells her the surgery went well, so Jackie asks again who won. Alex informs her that Helena collapsed and is in surgery, so Jackie figures, "So I won? She collapsed, which means I won, right? Where's the judge?" Callie loses it, and begins to yell at her about her priorities, saying she shouldn't fight this hard for a wedding. "You fight this hard for a marriage." I don't know if you're aware, but coincidentally, Callie was just fighting for her own marriage -- what a coincidence! She continues yelling that sometimes even that is a lost cause and you need to learn when to let go, then yells directly at Jackie to let go. Jackie looks like a child who lost her favorite toy and whimpers, "Yeah, but...did I win?" Callie has already stormed out, and Alex sighs and leaves her alone.

Cristina watches Mr. Arnold's surgery from the gallery, and mimics all of the moves while Hahn works below. Derek sits down next to her, and she condescendingly tells him that Izzie taped a picture of a bird to an empty bag and put it in Mr. Arnold's eyeline. Either not noticing or ignoring her tone, he comments admiringly that it was smart and that he wouldn't have thought of it. After a moment, Cristina agrees, seeming almost sad to do so. Derek's less interested in watching the surgery than he is moping, and he tells Cristina, "She doesn't let me take care of her. That's not my job anymore. She won't let me." Cristina glances at him and tells him, "I'm taking care of her." I wouldn't go so far as to say she's nice, but it's a small, good moment between the two people that love Meredith most. I'll focus on that and ignore the fact that I don't think Meredith has ever let Derek take care of her. No matter what the state of their relationship, she's kept the taking-care confined to herself and Cristina.

In the OR proper, Mr. Arnold can't stop talking nervously. He asks if they're looking at his heart, as Richard walks into the gallery above to observe. Hahn tells him that better than looking, they're fixing his heart. He looks back up and again sees the huge crowd in the observation deck, and asks if they're looking at it too. Izzie tells him they are. I think I would have requested to have the crowd not watching, since I would be awake and stuck staring at them the whole time. But that would be far less dramatic, wouldn't it? Mr. Arnold can't seem to take it anymore, and starts to panic about being cold. Izzie tells him they'll get him blankets to cover his legs, but this sends him completely over the edge, and he begins screaming manically about all the people watching and demands they cover up his heart and stop the surgery. For all the commotion, the people watching him just continue to stare blandly.

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