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Mark and Derek are enjoying a drink outside the trailers, and Mark asks if Richard has any fetishes. I think that these worries speak volumes more about Mark himself than about the general idea of a Gentlemen's Evening at this point. Richard walks up, and Derek tells him they're freaked out and demands to know just what is a Gentlemen's Evening. As if it's the most obvious thing in the world, Richard throws up his hands and answers, "It's an evening with no ladies! Just gentlemen!" Mark can't believe that's it, but his gaping is interrupted by a female voice observing, "Pretty boys living in the woods. This is very charming. Or sad. Not sure which." Mark asks what happened to the "no ladies" part, and Richard just tells him, "Plans change."

As they leave the hospital, Lexie asks Alex what he's doing. Alex wants to know what she means, but being red-blooded young folks, you know she knows he knows she knows what he means, though she's a little bit embarrassed about it. He tells her, not unkindly, but bluntly, "Look. I'm not a nice guy. I don't date, I don't call the next day, I'm not looking for a relationship because I'm never good at them. And honestly I'm kinda hung up on somebody else, so, the only thing you're gonna get from me is sex. That's it. And that's never enough for girls like you." In an Alex way, it's a compliment, that she's a good girl who deserves more than that. She watches him go as Meredith's VO explains, "Deep down, everyone wants to believe they can be hardcore. But being hardcore isn't just about being tough."

Mark is yelling at Hahn that something isn't fair, but she just yells, "In your face!" over...Monopoly, America's favorite board game. VO: "It's about acceptance."

George and Izzie are in her room with enough candles going to start a forest fire, and as they lean in to kiss, her face crumbles. This has to be awful déjà vu for him, and in the same house where he last made a woman cry! I can't focus on anything other than the crazy bra Izzie is wearing, which has what appear to be yarn tassels hanging off of the straps. Really? Is that what the kids are wearing these days? She cries that she's totally exhausted and that she wants to do it, but she can't do it tonight. She's also clearly spent a little too much time with Mr. Arnold, because she gets crazy eyes as she tells him that this is like a rare bird for them to be together for the first time since their drunken encounter, and that she doesn't want to waste it. "I want to enjoy our rare bird, George! I need to enjoy our rare bird!" Well, if the mood hadn't been killed by the crying, or the yarn tassels, using the bird metaphor probably did it. He agrees, and makes a bad excuse that his hand is killing him from holding the dress. She'd probably be unconvinced if she weren't so upset. They lie down and curl up in bed to go to sleep, but he notices something and picks his head up to ask her if she only shaved one leg. She starts to cry anew and apologizes, and he works to calm her down again. Phew, safe for another week from having to witness the two of them doing the nasty.

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